Darkfall Goes Offline

Darkfall has gone offline, and Aventurine doesn’t know when, or if, it will be returning. Unholy Wars, the official version, went offline with a post on the official forums explaining to players that economic conditions in Greece have made the game unsustainable. While they hope that the disruption is only temporary, for now it should […]

Funcom Funding Fun: $6.3 Million Investment

Funcom’s staff may not be popping the (reasonably priced) champagne, but the developer can breath a sigh of relief over its financial situation. In a press release sent out today, Funcom CEO Rui Casais has revealed a $6.3 million private investment in the Norwegian game developer. In addition, Funcom has announced that it has reduced […]

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Hits Steam

Free to play card game Chronicle: RuneScape Legends is now available on Steam. From the makers of RuneScape, Chronicle is a card game in which players build decks to create adventures for their characters to embark on, powering up their heroes over several chapters before finally taking on their enemy in one on one combat. […]

[NM] Stellaris, Racism, And The Mod Community

The latest internet controversy, as numerous as those are, surrounds Paradox and the recent removal and reinstatement of a mod to the Steam Workshop called “European Phenotypes and Names Only.” The mod is pretty simple, it allows the user to play as a race of only European (white) characters. There are additional mods on the […]

Wild Terra Beta Key Giveaway

MMO Fallout has partnered with Wild Terra to hand out beta keys to 30 lucky (or fast acting) gamers. Wild Terra bills itself as an MMO life simulator in a fully developed player-driven medieval world. The game is currently on Steam Greenlight seeking approval and Juvty Worlds would like to get you in as soon […]

[Not Massive] Osu! Admits Past Use of Intrusive Anti-Cheat

When does anti-cheat go too far? A recent source code leak for the rhythm game Osu! has unveiled some rather damning evidence on how the program used to monitor for cheating. According to details revealed in the leak, and shown in the photo above, administrators are able to snapshot a user suspected of running cheat […]

Tree of Savior Temporarily Blocks New Players To Sort Things Out

Citing “serious internal debate,” Tree of Savior developer IMC Games revealed that they have requested that Valve temporarily shut off the ability to access the game. The decision comes in response to server stability, lag, and major issues regarding gold farming and in-game chat spam. These restrictions will be put in place as soon as […]

Denis Dyack Blames Unethical Press For Kickstarter Failure

Shadow of the Eternals was meant to be the successor to Eternal Darkness, the latter having been developed by defunct game studio Silicon Knights and the former by Precursor Games, a new company molded out of the core team of Silicon Knights. The first Kickstarter campaign was a failure, gathering $128,000 of the $1.35 million requested. […]

ASTA Marks End of Open Beta

Webzen has marked the end of open beta for ASTA and official commercial release of the MMO. ASTA is built on CRYENGINE 3 and boasts a broad crafting system, dungeons that change their difficulty based on player skill, a player-driven economy, and more. Set to launch on May 31st is ASTA’s first expansion, Myth I: Wrath […]

Blade & Soul Is Getting More Expensive

Blade & Soul is about to get more expensive for European users, as NCSoft has announced price hikes coming to those who pay via Euro and British Pound. Beginning June 1st, prices for premium membership will increase for parity with the in-game Hongmoon store, according to NCSoft. New prices will start out at €11.99 and £9.59 for […]