Indiegogo: Gamers Raise $130,000 For Politics-Free Gaming Website

Are gamers sick of politics in gaming? If you look at the success of a recent Indiegogo campaign, the answer looks like a pretty confident yes. Exclusively Games is an upcoming website that promises to be “[a] place for fans of gaming who are sick of politics forcing [its] way inside. All games, no politics.” […]


[NM] How Counter Strike: GO Keeps Its Battle Royale Poppin’ Fresh

Counter Strike: Global Offensive recently went free to play, adding in its own Battle Royale mode in the form of The Danger Zone. Danger Zone is a bit different from your normal battle royale jazz, chiefly being that it’s a faster game with up to 16 participants in each fight on a smaller map (18 […]

Everquest: The Burning Lands Expansion Is Now Live

The only constant in life is death and a new Everquest expansion. The Burning Lands is Everquest’s twenty fifth expansion in the long running MMORPG. Available now, Burning Lands introduces the new luck stat that randomly affects gold found in loot drops, the amount of critical damage you do, your success at a trade-skill combine, […]

Chinese Government Reviews 20 Games, Passes None of Them

This month marks the establishment of the Chinese Online Ethics Review Committee, a government organization tasked with reviewing online games and determining if they are fit for sale in China in guidance with the country’s ethical rules. Confirmed by Tencent in August, China instituted an approval freeze around March of this year for games being […]

Bad Press: The Curious Case Of Anthem And Stream Bans

For today’s bad press, I’m going to single out a certain Youtuber who goes by The Quartering even though he isn’t the only offender here. In case you haven’t been paying attention to Youtube drama news over the past couple of days, an incident occurred last week after a user began streaming alpha footage of […]

Daybreak Game Company Hit With More Layoffs

Daybreak Game Company has decided to round out 2018 by laying off more employees, marking the second round for 2018 and one of many over the past few years. In a statement to Gamasutra, the developer referred to the layoffs as “optimizing our structure” to ensure continued success in the years to come. While Daybreak […]

Z1 Battle Royale: We Ban By Hardware ID, and Hardware ID Scramblers

Z1 Battle Royale has been on a warpath since being taken over by NantG Mobile, and Jace Hall wants everyone to know that the company is taking cheating very seriously. In a post on Twitter, Hall noted that over 800 accounts were banned on December 7 alone with plenty more to come. In response to […]

Korea Criminalizes Boosting For Profit

Korea. It’s a country where you can be jailed for cheating at video games, now one you can be arrested for selling account boosting services. Today’s news comes from ESTNN, an e-sports website. The Korean government has passed a law set to go into effect in six months that will see professional account boosting, being […]

Typhoon Studios Unveils Journey to the Savage Planet

Montreal-based developer Typhoon Studios today formally announced Journey to the Savage Planet, a first person adventure game set to launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2019. As an employee of Kindred Aerospace, which proudly touts its rating as the “4th Best Interstellar Exploration Company”, players will be dropped onto an uncharted planet deep in […]

Maplestory 2 Receives Biggest Update Yet

Maplestory 2 has revealed the first phase of the Skybound Expansion, introducing a new class, new events, and special rewards. The update promises to be the game’s biggest yet, bringing with it the new Soul Binder class. The Soul Binder is a hybrid magic damage dealer and healer. Players will continue their Epic Quests with […]