MapleStory Kicks Off 14th Anniversary Event

MapleStory is turning 14 and wants you to join in on the celebrations. From April 24 through June 12, events named after past seasonal updates will be available under the 14th Street event. Players will receive a 14th Street Fairgoer title increase their reputation and stats as they complete missions. Once all missions are complete, […]


[Video] Emiko Shibamura “Akindo Fighter”

Today’s video has nothing to do with video games, in fact I wouldn’t even be posting it were it not to show up in the MMO Fallout inbox. In case you decided to read this before watching the video, Emiko Shibamura is a 65 year old Japanese fashion icon, best-selling author, and self-help guru who […]

[NM] Ubisoft Donates Money To Notre-Dame, Gives Unity For Free

Ubisoft has joined the list of companies donating to rebuild the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris following a fire that destroyed much of the church. The French developer has pledged $564 thousand USD to help with its restoration, joining the hundreds of millions of dollars donated by the combined efforts of numerous other French and international […]

[Video] Torchlight Frontiers Shows Off Railmaster Class

All around the world join in, it’s called Torchlight: Frontiers. The latest Torchlight class on show might be the strangest thing we’ve seen here at MMO Fallout. The Railmaster is a hammer wielding class that adventures with a train companion. The blog post goes into more detail about how the Railmaster came to be, and […]

Entropia Universe Celebrates Easter Mayhem 2019

With Easter on the way, that can only mean one thing. Robot attacks. At least that’s what it means in Entropia Universe, where Easter Mayhem is running until April 29 with the results of the event to be posted on May 6. Players will assist the Calypso Defense Force in fighting back against waves of […]

Atlas Reactor No Longer Sustainable, Will Shut Down

Trion World’s title Atlas Reactor will sunset on June 28, 2019. The title was launched in 2016 under Trion Worlds and transferred along with Trion’s other assets to Gamigo when the company suddenly shut down last year. Mervin Lee Kwai, Vice President of Development at gamigo and a former Executive Producer: ÔÇťAtlas Reactor was a […]

Mobility: LYN: The Lighbringer Receives Its First Content Update

Nexon has teamed up with illustrator Jeong Juno to work on LYN: The Lightbringer. A case of 3D-rendered models converted from Jeong Juno’s two-dimensional art adorn LYN’s world. In this title, mysterious hero Jean explores the world of Daeva, collecting characters along the way. Today’s update introduces a myriad of new content including: Legendary Hero […]

RuneScape Brings In Easter

This week’s RuneScape update reminds us that Easter is quite late this year. If you have ever wanted to know what it’s like to shove a tuna in a shark, well you now have the opportunity. RuneScape’s Easter update is here, and that can only mean more shenanigans with the Easter Bunny. Running through the […]

Snapshots: My Pink Bean Edition

Today’s snapshot comes to us from MapleStoryM, the mobile spinoff of everyone’s favorite game to say “I remember that game.” The folks at Nexon are hosting an event (go figure) for My Pink Bean. The gist of the event is that you get food to feed your bean, with the ultimate goal of leveling it […]

Diaries From H1Z1: I Walked 100 Levels, And I Won’t Walk 100 More

I promise this is my last piece about H1Z1 for a while, because I officially quit. Last week I reached the promised land, the deluxe apartment in the sky if you will. I hit level 100 on the H1Z1 battle pass. That’s right, praise me for accomplishing in roughly two months what most of you […]