RuneScape Shutting Down Spanish Service

Spanish speaking RuneScape players will log in today to discover some disappointing news about their game: Jagex is sunsetting the Spanish servers. In a post on the Spanish RuneScape website, Mod Pips announced that the Spanish server will no longer be supported as of today, and will shut down on November 3rd. The reason provided […]

Darkfall’s Spooky Scary Halloween Event

Halloween is upon us, and that means spooky events filled with ghosts, goblins, witches, zombies, and even some old string. Beginning October 30th and running for five days, Aventurine wants you to celebrate Halloween in the traditional way: Beating the crap out of monsters. Over the holiday event, certain creatures will spawn with candies for […]

First TERA Expansion Announced

Hopefully today’s MMOrning Shot didn’t spoil anything for you. En Masse Entertainment announced the first expansion to TERA, dubbed Fate of Arun. The expansion will task players with exploring the mysterious northern continent of Arun, taking on a new evil power and perhaps saving the native Khirians in the process. The expansion also raises the […]

MMOrning Shots: Location, Location, Location

Today’s MMOrning Shot comes to us from TERA, showing off the game’s first expansion Fate of Arun. Check out MMOrning Shots almost every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Diaries From The Old Republice: Fly Me To Coruscant

Let’s get one thing out of the way: I haven’t played The Old Republic in a very, very long time. Before strongholds, before legacy, before achievements, before just about any of that stuff. I think I might have logged in once or twice after the game went free to play, but aside from that all […]

NCWest Layoffs Inbound Across All Departments

NCSoft has confirmed a round of layoffs at its western operations, affecting all of its studios outside of ArenaNet. The layoffs come as a result of “restructuring of key operations within NC West,” as the developer pushes towards mobile and tablet gaming, as well as emerging technologies. Polygon has cited an unnamed source stating that […]

[Editorial] Gem Store Update Poorly Introduced, Response Even Worse

The latest gem store update to Guild Wars 2 has had players up in arms, and it’s hard not to sympathize with their position. Previously, buying and selling gems was a process that involved deciding how much you wanted to buy/sell, setting an asking price, and waiting until your order was filled. If you wanted […]

Valve Pulls Game After Developer Tweets Threat

Social media has brought many great things to the gaming community, chief among which being a much closer and more personal connection with the people who make our games. Unfortunately, it has also had the effect of giving faces to the otherwise faceless, a voice to those who for the sake of the company’s public […]

MMOrning Shots: Heavensward Bound

Today’s MMOrning Shot comes to us from Final Fantasy XIV, showcasing the upcoming expansion Heavensward. Set for release in Spring 2015, Heavensward introduces a new race, new classes, a new level cap, and more. Check out MMOrning Shots every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.