Unfinished Early Access Game Divergence Online Spawns New Unfinished Early Access Game

Divergence Online is the Early Access game by Ethan Casner, a man whose abilities as a programmer and businessman I showed no faith in three years ago and who still hasn’t managed to disappoint me to this day. Since its launch, the unofficial Star Wars Galaxies 2.0, complete with interface clones, has completely floundered and […]

[NM] Blue Estate Is Everything I Want Out Of On-Rails Shooting

Blue Estate is everything I want out of an on-rails shooter. Thank you, good night. I suppose I should elaborate. I’ve always been a huge fan of the House of the Dead games, so stumbling upon Blue Estate was like finding the trail to King Tut’s tomb, or Kim Jong Un’s lacy underwear drawer or something of […]

RuneScape: Embrace What You Know, Forget What You Don’t

There is more to the world, and Jagex is asking its players to embrace what they know and forget what they don’t with the unveiling of the Eastern Lands, a massive update coming to the long standing MMO. Players already have access to the islands at the western edge of the Eastern lands, and have […]

Lineage II Releases Player Appreciate Pack

NCSoft wants to show players how much it appreciates them, and probably apologize for the fact that character registration has been completely disabled while the team goes in and figures out how to deal with the overwhelming number of bots taking over the game. While registration is down until August 24th, players have been invited to […]

Wild Terra Now Playable In Browsers

Developer Juvty Worlds has announced that their open world sandbox game Wild Terra is now playable in your browser. Anyone who owns the game can log in to one of the game’s two servers (international and Russian), and start playing without having to download the full client. For those who haven’t purchased the game, they […]

DigiHom Update: Some Clarification

To our readers, Last week, MMO Fallout published a piece titled “DigiHom Update: Tons of Games Disappear From Greenlight.” Since its publishing, we have received word from Digital Homicide over several inaccurate statements in the article. According to these statements, the games we noted that were removed from Greenlight were voluntarily removed and not by […]

[Video] Storm King’s Thunder Launch Trailer

Today, Perfect World Entertainment Inc., a leading publisher of free-to-play MMORPGs, and Cryptic Studios announced Neverwinter: Storm King’s Thunder is now available on PC and will launch on Xbox One and PlayStation®4 at a later date. This update marks the tenth official expansion for the free-to-play Dungeons & Dragons MMORPG. Based on a new adventure […]

NCSoft: All Key IPs Showed Stable Sales Last Quarter

NCSoft has released their second quarter results and the news is good, even for those of you who play Wildstar. The Korean developer published a 28% boost in operating profit over last year with a 27% bump in pre-tax income and a 56% increase in net income. US and EU shares of NCSofts revenues plummeted, […]

DigiHom Update: Tons of Games Disappear From Greenlight

[Update: Several errors have been fixed or clarified in bold below. MMO Fallout apologizes for the inconvenience] Digital Homicide’s James Romine may be throwing a temper tantrum right now, and for good reason: Close to two dozen of his games have been removed from Steam. We’ve been covering Digital Homicide filling its Greenlight queue up […]

Nexon Q2 Quarterly Revenues Hit “Strong,”

Nexon, developer of everything and publisher of everything else, has finally announced their second quarter results for the 2016 fiscal year, referencing their performance as “strong” despite lower than expected revenue. Second quarter revenues reached 38 billion yen, down 11% over last year with net income amounting to 7.6 billion yen over the same period. […]