Log Into Trove For A Free Class This Weekend

To compensate players for recent downtime, Trion Worlds is handing out another free class coin to anyone who logs in between now and midnight Pacific Sunday night. The downtime stemmed from a seemingly simple database upgrade that went awry, forcing the game offline for several hours and requiring that Trion rollback the servers to earlier […]

Triad Wars Update Boosting Level Cap

The August update for Triad Wars is coming and will boost the current level cap for all players from 30 to 50. As players level up, their gangs will now level with them, creating new challenges for raids and new defenses for players raiding your turf. In addition, weapons will now be level-based with higher […]

League of Angels Only Wants 18+ Males

I don’t normally report on Facebook ads since most of you likely block them anyway and I could devote an entire book to how Chinese browser games engage in blatant fraud in Facebook ads either by outright lying about their games or going as far as using screenshots/video from other titles. And since League of Angels […]

League of Legends Just Killed A Character

If you listen closely, you can hear the sounds of pitchforks being sharpened. League of Legends broke new ground today by killing off one of its characters in the lore, not to mention the game itself. Players logging in today will find that Gangplank is no longer available to play, due to an untimely death […]

Marvel Heroes Will Annualize Versions

The shift from Marvel Heroes to Marvel Heroes 2015 took a rather mediocre game and transformed it into the critically acclaimed title it is today, but don’t expect that shiny 2015 tag to stay forever. In an interview with Game Sauce, David Brevik discusses that Marvel Heroes will see annualized versions, accompanied by major patches […]

Archlord 2 Update “Most Challenging To Date”

Archlord 2 has just released its latest content update which Webzen claims is the most challenging to date. Players will be able to take on the Dark Stronghold, a new dungeon available only on Hell difficulty. The Dark Stronghold demands daring adventurers of at least level 55, and rewards exclusive level 60 gear. Elsewhere in […]

Gaijin Embroiled In Extortion Scandal, Producer Fired

Gaijin Entertainment, developer of the WW2 MMO War Thunder, is under intense scrutiny this week after allegations that the company’s producer engaged in extortion tactics against a popular Russian Youtuber, attempting to force him into a legally binding contract carrying heavy fines for criticizing the company. The news of Gaijin’s extortion scheme hit several War […]

Trion Worlds Declares Light On RNG, Tough on Crime

To say that ArcheAge has had some controversies would be a gross misstatement somewhere on the level of placing a “watch your step” sign on an active minefield, but it looks like Trion Worlds may be willing to amend their ways to get back the good faith and credit of their community. In a post […]

Defiance Q&A Addresses PC/Console Performance Issues

Trion Worlds has published the latest Q&A for Defiance, addressing crossover content, Midsummer Mutiny, performance issues, and Warmaster instances. On Midsummer Mutiny, Defiance’s summer event, complaints have arisen over players being clustered together during holiday events leading to performance issues on lower end machines, issues that have become more prominent since the game went free […]

John Smedley Steps Down As CEO

Daybreak Game Company has confirmed that John Smedley will be stepping down as president and chief executive officer, following a lengthy period of harassment from the cyber group Lizard Squad. A spokesperson from Daybreak confirmed to Venturebeat that Smedley will be relinquishing his role, although he will not be leaving the company entirely. “I can […]