Riders of Icarus Blight of Frost Keep Update Drops Today

Riders of Icarus players will receive a wealth of new content today in the first major update for the game since it arrived in Open Beta earlier this month. With a level increase to 35, Riders will now have an all-new zone to explore, with its own unique mounts to capture and tame, dungeons to […]

Shroud of the Avatar Begins Anew: Final Wipe Today

Shroud of the Avatar is officially in the phase of launch where the game isn’t officially released but the cash shop has been open for a while and characters are no longer being wiped, or sufficient enough to review as we like to think of it. Following yesterday’s telethon, the Portalarium crew managed to rake […]

Watch: Albion’s Final Beta Trailer

Albion Online has put out its final beta trailer, dubbed Everybody Matters.

Runefest 2016 Tickets Selling In Record Time

Runefest, the convention of all things Jagex hosting in London, is coming fast: September 17th. As Jagex prepares to discuss upcoming updates to RuneScape, Chronicles, and their other products, the Cambridge-based developer wants players to be aware that tickets are selling out in record time. Events at Runefest include cosplay parades, challenges, Q&A sessions, a meet […]

Red 5 Studios Shareholder L&A International Is Effectively Worthless

When is a Chinese cashmere seller relevant to the gaming industry? When they hold 30% equity in one of the developers. L&A International Holdings Ltd is not only a mouthful, a few months ago they traded for 30.6% equity interest in Red 5, developer of the ever-struggling MMO Firefall. If you’re interested in buying stocks […]

PSA: How To Fix Your Frozen Neverwinter PS4 Character

Players in Neverwinter on PS4 are finding that logging out in certain areas causes the game to break, freezing upon re-entry with no fix in sight (including reinstalling the game from scratch). The problem, it appears, is not on the client’s end but on the server’s side. The issue hasn’t been fixed yet, but there […]

Defiance Ditches Auction House After Instability

Trion Worlds has announced that the recently implemented auction house in Defiance is being removed, citing an inability to fix server issues that the update brought about. Players will no longer be able to place auctions on the exchange beginning today (July 25th) and the feature as a whole will be completely removed within a […]

Heroes & Generals Boasts 8 Million Players

Heroes & Generals developer Reto-Moto is celebrating eight million registered players today as the flagship WW2 MMO celebrates its second anniversary. Initially launched in 2014, Heroes & Generals has been updated countless times in its tenure of early access. “Two years ago we were one of the first 10 games to be greenlit by the […]

MMO Fallout’s Seventh Anniversary Bonanza

It is July 22nd, and that means it is the anniversary of MMO Fallout’s establishment back in 2009. Yes, this website has been running for seven years. The first article didn’t go up for nearly a week later, as I was still figuring out how to run down my other website, but July 22nd was […]

Sacramento Man Arrested For Death Threats Toward Blizzard

It goes without saying that sending death threats for any reason is generally a bad idea. You don’t accomplish anything, you waste everyone’s time, and as one Sacramento man found out, it can get you arrested. Stephen Cebula, 28, is facing criminal charges over death threats that he allegedly sent to Blizzard’s offices, threatening to show […]