Star Trek Online Tops 1 Million On Xbox/Playstation

Star Trek Online launched on Xbox One a month ago and Perfect World Entertainment has announced that the consoles have surpassed 1 million players. According to a press release revealed today, the 1.1 million players break down into 68% Starfleet, 20% Klingon, 12% Romulan, with 2.7 million bridge officers and over 1,600 fleets in service. […]

Perfect World Entertainment Claims Lockboxes Preview As Bug

Perfect World Entertainment has dug itself into a controversy this week as the company made the announcement that loot previews are being removed from lockboxes. According to a post on the main website, although this feature has been in the game for a long time, it is evidently a bug. As such, the “bug” is […]

Kakao Permanently Bans Bug Abusers

Forum moderators over at Black Desert Online are no doubt getting ready for the barrage of “I was banned for nothing” threads as Kakao has permanently banned a number of accounts over an incident that occurred this week. A number of players figured out an exploit involving the shovel item and empty bottles, resulting in the […]

Evolved Into Abandonware: Turtle Rock Ends Development of Evolve

We’ve been keeping a close eye on Evolve ever since its Stage 2 update to free to play went into beta on PC, hoping that it would revitalize the community and bring new life into a game that hit too many hurdles (many it placed itself) during development. It didn’t, while Evolve ballooned up to […]

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Giveaway

MMO Fallout has been given a bundle of Chronicle: RuneScape Legends keys to hand off to our viewers, and if you paid attention to our previous giveaway you’d know that it didn’t exactly work as intended. Luckily, we’ve managed to fix the issue and the keys are now back up and running. In order to […]

Wild Terra Update Introduces New Skills

The latest update to Wild Terra has hit the game’s servers, bringing with it two new skills. Agriculture introduces tree planting with higher experience granting better a better chance at successfully planting and cultivating trees and plants. Gathering presumably has to do with gathering. Gathering allows the player to collect necessary materials for agriculture, including […]

New Hi-Rez Game Is A Turn Based Smite Spinoff

Hi-Rez Studios has announced their next title, SMITE Tactics, a turn-based strategy game spinoff of the MOBA of a similar name. Introducing SMITE Tactics, a turn-based strategy game from from Hi-Rez Studios. Build an army from a large roster of mythological gods and creatures like Zeus, the Greek God of the Sky, and Odin, the […]

Storm King’s Thunder Hits Neverwinter On PS4/Xbox One

Following its launch on PC, Neverwinter players on Xbox and Playstation are finally able to get their hands on the latest module: Storm King’s Thunder. Deployed today to live servers, the latest Neverwinter module tasks adventurers with fighting off invading giants in Icewind Dale. The update introduces a new campaign, three new adventure zones, a tier-3 […]

Arc Will Experience Platform-Wide Maintenance 10/19

Perfect World Entertainment has announced that the Arc platform will be offline for 7 hours tomorrow. The maintenance will affect all titles on the service. Arc will be undergoing a scheduled maintenance at 5AM Pacific on 10/19/2016. The maintenance will be for approximately 7 hours. Our engineers will be performing server updates and upgrades during which some web […]

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Launches Single Player Campaign

Jagex has unveiled the latest major update to Chronicle: RuneScape Legends, a single player campaign that tasks players with overcoming the Trials of Radimus. The update comes alongside the addition of new dynamic chapter environments as well as global/friend chat systems. “We’ve been planning on giving players a solo campaign mode for quite some time, […]