Star Citizen Threatens Lawsuit Against Escapist Magazine

If you haven’t been paying attention to the ongoing drama surrounding Star Citizen, the public spat between Chris Roberts and Derek Smart has expanded to include a very critical article published, and subsequently backed up by, The Escapist. The article alleged discriminatory practices at CIG against racial minorities, enforced by Roberts’ own wife, that Roberts […]

Jagex Reveals 2016 Update Schedule

Runefest has come and gone, and with it has come the reveal of Jagex’s plans for RuneScape in 2016. Announced at Runefest and posted on the official website, Jagex’s stated goal next year is to make each update significant, and to involve players in the release schedule. First, we want to change how we update […]

Dragon’s Prophet Shutting Down In November

North American players will no longer have access to Dragon’s Prophet after November 16th, as Daybreak has announced that the service will be coming to an end. While the game will still be available in Europe and Asia, there are no plans to allow players to transfer their characters over to these other publishers. In the […]

Not Massive: Direct2Drive’s “Trigger Warning” Sale Week

Direct2Drive is running a sale this week dubbed the “Trigger Warning Week,” guaranteed to save between 50% and 80% on all titles. The library of games promises to be the “most inclusive, diverse, & empowering titles” available on PC. Among the list of games on sale, gamers can find Psychonauts, several Bioshock titles, Metro, Saint’s […]

Derek Smart, Indie Devs, And Death Threats

As those of you who follow my Twitter account (see right hand side of page) know, I spent a good part of last night following up on a story that broke earlier in the day yesterday. Derek Smart, game developer and ex-Star Citizen pledge, posted via social media that he had received a death threat […]

Top 5: More Tips For DarkScape Survival

[Update 10/2/15: A game update has rendered some of this list obsolete.] The previous Top 5 tips for DarkScape has been insanely popular, but recent updates have made several options on the list either already obsolete or about to be obsolete. With that in mind, and considering I am further in the game than last week, […]

Archlord 2 Shutting Down

Webzen has announced the impending sunsetting of Archlord 2. The servers for the PVP-centric MMO will shut down in approximately two months, on November 24th. Archlord 2 initially launched in 2014, giving it a much shorter run than its predecessor which ran from 2005 until 2014. The sequel was heavily criticized during beta for poor […]

DarkScape Knocks Out Griefing Via Patch

In my tips for DarkScape, I made note for players to be aware of a griefing method where players repeatedly run into a bank, only to be immediately killed and explode, doing damage to those in the bank. In fact, the latest update to RuneScape addresses several points in my article. In addition to adding […]

Top 5: Tips For DarkScape Survival

DarkScape is out and that only means one thing: Prepare to die a whole lot, and lose your items. Since DarkScape isn’t just RuneScape with open world PvP, MMO Fallout has put together some opening tips for players looking to make a start in this new world. 5. Get A Head Start If you’re anything […]

Live Stream Q&A With R.A. Salvatore On 9/22

Perfect World Entertainment has announced that this Tuesday, players will have the opportunity to question R.A. Salvatore himself. Salvatore is the New York Times bestselling author known for his Dungeons & Dragons novels, including the character Drizzt Do’Urden. The upcoming expansion for Neverwinter, Underdark, features Salvatore’s character quite extensively. As we know, many of our adventurers […]