Final Fantasy XIV Free Weekend Coming

Final Fantasy XIV is hosting a free weekend to celebrate four million registered accounts. The free weekend begins Friday February 27th at 3am EST and goes until March 9th at 4am EST. Eligible accounts include anyone who has previously purchased the game, with an account in good standing, whose subscription has lapsed. Otherwise if you […]

H1Z1 “The Tears Of A Hacker” Video

The folks at H1Z1 have put together a video narrating the multitude of emails to customer support from players banned for cheating. While some try to plead, others feign ignorance or resort to a slurry of obscenities. Either way, the end result is rather entertaining.

MMO Fallout On Ethical Gaming Press

We need to have another one of those serious chats, for which I apologize and promise we’ll be getting back to the gaming talk ASAP. As I type this, at 7:40pm on February 25th, the hashtag #letmarkspeak is number two trending on Twitter. If you haven’t been paying attention to the going-ons in the gaming […]

Line of Defense Combat Phase 1 Coming Tomorrow

3000AD has announced that Line of Defense’s first combat phase will hit the servers beginning tomorrow, February 25th. The update will unlock assault rifles, pistols, combat knives, and melee, with players receiving a random item from each class upon spawning into the world. Phase 1 (of 6 planned phases which unlock various weapons, items etc) […]

Crowfall Begins Phase 2: Kickstarter Now Available

The timer on Crowfall’s website hits zero today and it may not surprise many of you that it lead to a Kickstarter campaign. The self-described Throne War Simulator is asking for eight hundred grand over the next month, with an estimated delivery of December 2016. In Crowfall, players battle it out over multiple worlds for […]

Neverwinter Details Xbox One Launch

Neverwinter is on the cusp of its Xbox One debut, and Perfect World Entertainment wants you to know exactly what the launch will entail. As noted in the preview posted today, Neverwinter will launch with its original PC content as well as Tyranny of the Dragons. The Sharandar, Dread Ring, Icewind Dale, and PvP campaigns […]

Everquest Next Drops Ties With Storybricks

Daybreak Game Studios has announced that they have cut ties with Storybricks and will continue developing the game’s AI in-house. The comment came during a live stream where the team also revealed hopes that the game will come to Xbox and Playstation. “We are not working with Storybricks any more. We made the decision that […]

[Video] World of Warcraft: Bots in Battlegrounds

Streamer ZybakTV posted the above video showing a Battleground game in World of Warcraft almost exclusively populated by bots. Do you play World of Warcraft? Are bots in battlegrounds a common occurrence? Let us know in the comments.

Trick Dempsey Bids Farewell To Defiance

Defiance’s Trick Dempsey announced that he will be stepping down from his role as creative lead in order to move on to another project. Dempsey’s role will be replaced by Carble “Locarb” Cheung, pictured above, who posted an introduction on the official website detailing plans for the future of the MMO shooter. Speaking of the […]

Star Vault 2014 Finance: Sales Down, Profit Up

Star Vault has released their fourth quarter finances for the 2014 year and the results are not all bad. While net sales fell for the second quarter in a row, down to $57 thousand, net profit dipped slightly more out of the red at $109 thousand below. This year Star Vault made advances toward release […]