Chad “Pappy” Moore Takes Lead Of Wildstar

Carbine Studios’ own Chad “Pappy” Moore has announced that he is taking the reigns as the new game director, filling in the spot previously held by Mike Donatelli. Moore has been with Carbine Studios for quite a while, previously holding the position of lore expert. In the most recent blog post, Moore gives a summary […]

[Column] Are Pirates Starting To Admit Defeat?

Video game piracy may be going away, a thought that is sure to terrorize every consumer who feels entitled to a free lunch, but while we’ve been hearing this statement from publishers for years accompanied by their games being cracked and leaked at launch or, in some cases, weeks and months before. We hear it […]

Shanda Games In Severe Damage Control After Losing Two Years Of Data

Shanda Games is performing serious PR damage control after a “severe technical failure” resulted in two years worth of data being lost in their MMO Dragon Nest. While characters, gold, DNP, and AC are still intact, virtually everything else has been lost. The good news is, according to the news post, Shanda is capable of […]

Rift: More Perks For Patrons, Less For Everyone Else

Trion Worlds is improving Rift, provided you’re a paying member. If not, you might log in to find your game experience is actually worse off than when you left it. Trion Worlds has been making a few controversial decisions regarding how they monetize their games over the past week, each time noting the need to enhance revenues […]

Daybreak Reneges On Free To Play, Splits H1Z1 In Half

Free to play your way is going away as Daybreak Game Company announced today that the zombie game will be split into two separate titles, with both requiring a down payment in order to get into. Since its announcement, Daybreak has billed the title as early access with an eventual launch into free to play, […]

Lineage Eternal Hits Beta This Year, Probably

NCSoft Korea is planning on launching Lineage Eternal’s closed beta test in April, at least that’s what the current plans are. The news comes to us from Steparu, reporting on another source from Korean website GameFocus. Steparu reminds viewers that this anticipated closed beta date comes after multiple other scheduled, and subsequently missed, beta dates […]

Mac Gamers Are Seeing More Titles Cancelled

Perfect World Entertainment has joined a list of companies that are pulling out of the Mac gaming scene, with the announcement that Star Trek Online’s Mac client is being discontinued. The client has had numerous issues in the past, and while many of those problems have been fixed, the ongoing support requirements have ultimately lead […]

RuneMetrics: What You Need To Know

Last month marked the announcement of RuneMetrics, an upcoming stat-tracking tool for RuneScape developed by Jagex. At the time, all we knew is that the tracker would allow players to see certain statistics like experience per hour and logged drops, and that there would be a free and a paid version. There’s advanced XP tracking […]

DUST 514 Will Shut Down In May

CCP Games has announced that their console shooter DUST 514 will be shutting down later this year. Initially launched on the Playstation 3 in 2013, DUST never really caught on with either the Eve Online community or the console community. The idea was pretty unique, players in DUST would form corporations that would fight over […]

Neverwinter AMA Answers

Neverwinter’s latest Reddit AMA was last night, and for the sake of brevity we have compiled a list of the more important/informational answers. For those of you willing to dive deep and read the full answers, you can check out the complete Reddit thread here. The overall AMA is pretty short and easily finished in […]