Beta Perspective: RuneScape Death Mechanics

Now that Jagex has joined the rest of the MMO industry with the launch of a test server for major updates, I figured I’d use the opportunity to take a quick look at the upcoming new death mechanic as it currently stands. RuneScape’s death system has been a hot topic for years, as it started […]

Guild Wars 2 Kills, Deletes, Then Bans Cheater

What could be worse than having your account publicly banned on an MMO? When the developer films themself logging into your account and manually deleting your characters. Chris Cleary, game security lead over at Arenanet, did just this against a rather notable cheater, first committing suicide and then logging out and deleting his characters, all uploaded […]

Law Firm Investigating PWE Privatization

The recent announcement that Perfect World Co. is going private has sparked an investigation by the Levi & Korsinsky law firm. In a shareholder alert sent out alongside the announcement last week, the firm confirmed that it is looking into the fairness of the sale. Perfect World Co. is set to go private in the […]

League of Angels Using Assets Lifted From Final Fantasy XIV

League of Angels developer Youzu Interactive Co. Ltd (or whoever is responsible for their advertising) is directly stealing video and audio assets from Final Fantasy XIV for use in promotional materials. This revelation isn’t particularly new, it’s in a footnote on the game’s Wikipedia article. Follow the link in League of Angel’s advertising and it takes […]

Weekend Wrapup: Iron Man MK3 Edition

Another week has come to an end, and that means it’s time to look at the news you may have missed or forgotten. Weekend Wrapup goes over the highlights of the previous week, not all of which were covered by MMO Fallout. For Marvel Heroes players, today (Saturday the 2nd) is the only day to […]

Perfect World Entertainment Is Going Private

Perfect World Entertainment has announced that it is going private. In an announcement posted to investors earlier this week, Perfect World will merge with parent company Perfect Peony Holding Company Limited, a limited liability corporation located in the Cayman Islands and owned by Mr. Michael Yufeng Chi. The acquisition will take place to the tune of $900 […]

Marvel Heroes Introduces Achievements

Marvel Heroes players have another set of things to collect, with the introduction of in-game achievements. Today’s update adds hundreds of achievements, rewarding players with credits, costumes, pets, and more. Achievements span everything from leveling up, collecting items, defeating enemies, and more. You can find the announcement at the link below. Also coming with today’s […]

Daybreak Game Company Embraces Project 99

It isn’t too often that developers acknowledge, let alone embrace a private servers emulating their games, especially if the title in question is still in operation. Daybreak Game Company, however, has decided to embrace the Project 1999 private server, an emulation project of Everquest as it was in its early days, to officially recognize and […]

Perfect World Consolidating Forums

On May 4th, Perfect World Entertainment will merge all forums into a single location. The changeover affects all games in Perfect World’s library except for those that are already on the new system (APB, Swordsman, etc). If you only play one of our games, this migration will positively affect you as well. Beforehand, we were […]

Mortal Online Hit By Another Hack

Star Vault is assuring players that payment data has not been stolen in what appears to be a breach of Mortal Online’s servers. Servers for the MMO were shut down after players noticed alterations to in-game menus, text changes, and strange dialogue shouted by town crier NPCs. The website is down as of this writing, […]