Age of Conan Adds Don’t Die Challenge

Age of Conan is back on track with content updates. Today, Funcom has added in Unconquered mode. In Unconquered mode, you’ll create a new character and go through the game as normal. The goal here is to get as far as you can without dying, with your character receiving rewards the further they get in […]


Project Gorgon Imitates Star Citizen: $500 Mostly Unusable Game Package

Project Gorgon is bringing home the news today with the grand opening of its real money shop. At the top of the shop is a $500 USD “Horse Lord Package” that includes a free horse mount with basic riding skill, saddlebags for storage, a second free horse for breeding through the game’s husbandry skill, five […]

Guardians of Ember Enters Open Beta…Again

Guardians of Ember is now in the open beta phase. Fans of MMOs featuring high-adrenaline carnage can download the game now and get straight into the action! Guardians of Ember, the hack and slash title from Runewaker, has entered open beta for the second time. You may remember Guardians of Ember as the game that […]

Albion Online Goes Free To Play April 10

Albion Online is officially going free to play. Starting April 10, you’ll be able to jump into the fray without being required to buy a game pack. Free accounts will be under no gameplay restrictions and can take part in all aspects of the game. The business model will not be changed, being built on […]

Survived By Is Being Survived By Everything Else, Sunsetting In April

Early Access bullet-hell roguelite Survived By has been officially declared deceased. Human Head Studios announced the impending closure today with supporters receiving full refunds. The title released on December 5, 2018, and unfortunately just hasn’t gone as well as Human Head had planned. Steam Charts shows that Survived By launched to a peak of 2,500 […]

World of Warcraft Hosts Welcome Back Weekend

In case you really wanted to rekindle your addiction, Blizzard has announced the next Welcome Back Weekend for World of Warcraft. Running March 21 to the 24, you’ll be able to log back in and have access up to the last expansion purchased, or Legion, whichever is greater. In addition, players will be able to […]

Story-Driven RPG Lyn: The Lightbringer Arrives On App Store and Google Play

Acclaimed illustrator Jeong Juno, best known for his work on Lineage 2, has teamed up with Nexon for LYN: The Lightbringer, a new story-driven RPG. LYN boasts a beautiful cast of 3D-rendered models converted from two-dimensional characters, all designed by Jeong himself. “Many centuries ago in the realm of the godlike Daeva, Light and Darkness […]

Snapshots: Trust In Destiny

Today’s Snapshots comes to us from Destiny 2 where I’m going to take a moment to bring attention to my beautiful hand cannon Trust. It probably isn’t the best hand cannon in the game by far, but it has heart and looks pretty damn cool with the copper skin I attached to it. Look forward […]

Valve Promises To Nuke Review Bombs

It’s safe to say that (outside of the revenue share) one of the best promises that Epic Games has made to potential games is the option to avoid a phenomenon that is becoming more and more prevalent on Steam and the internet as a whole: Review bombs. A review bomb, for those living in bomb-proof […]

Reminder: Playing PUBG Is A Criminal Offense In Gujarat

PUBG Mobile: It’s not just a shooter you can play while walking down the street, it’s also a crime if you live in the Indian state of Gujarat. It may sound like a joke that over a dozen people have been arrested after being spotted playing the battle royale shooter, but more than a dozen […]