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Ultima Online Going Pokemon Model, Favors Booster Packs

For a game that launched thirteen years ago, Ultima Online is still doing well for itself as one of the few MMOs on the market to bring competition to the Everquests in the field of “how many paid expansions can we pump out?” Ultima Online this past year saw the release of Stygian Abyss, a […]


Darkfall 2010 Update Coming, Get Darkfall On Sale…

The search terms coming to MMO Fallout are trending towards Darkfall, so a large update must be coming soon. Earlier this year, I talked about the Darkfall 2010 update and really haven’t given it much notice since then, as I wanted all the features to come together before-hand. I don’t have the time to go […]

Sorry Europe, Still No LOTRO F2P For Now…

Earlier this month, Lord of the Rings Online went hybrid-cash-shop in North America, with Codemasters’ European venture trailing behind due to perceived issues regarding preparation for this enormous event that would undoubtedly bring a major influx in population to the lands of Middle Earth. Earlier this month, Codemasters issued a release stating that they were […]

Preordered APB? Electronic Arts Has No Obligation To Help You

Those of you who purchased APB before its demise are likely aware that Electronic Arts, as distributor, is offering out free games if you can prove that you once owned the crashed MMO. Over multiple forums, players are reporting getting everything from Bioware bucks (that can be used to buy full games), EA store credit, […]

It’s Finally Over! QOL Vs Allen Ends In Settlement.

File this one under “oh thank God!” Yesterday brought wonderful news from Derek Smart of Quest Online. The ongoing back and forth lawsuit between Quest Online and David Allen has ended. In a press statement, Quest Online announced: Quest Online, LLC, today announced that the lawsuit filed in the Maricopa County Superior Court (Case # […]

City of Heroes/Villains/Rogues Says Welcome Back, Weekend!

City of Heroes may be six years old, but NCsoft is still committed to keeping the old super geezer alive. Last month saw the release of the latest full expansion pack, Going Rogue, allowing both heroes and villains alike to grey in the lines between heroism and villainy. This past April brought in Ultra Mode, […]

Henrik: This Patch So Epic, It’s Like Mortal Online 2!

Mortal Online has been trucking along at a slow pace since its launch several months ago, but there’s no doubt that the game has had its hitches. Over the past couple of months, Star Vault has been pushing forward the miracle patch that is the Epic patch (named after Epic Games, the company that created […]

Final Fantasy XIV: No, Subscriptions Should Not Be Convenient…

Playing Final Fantasy XIV requires a base $9.99 monthly fee plus $3 per character, leaving you with a $12.99 monthly cost assuming you only create one character (and with the ability to be all classes, there is no need for a second character, quite frankly). Assuming most of the visitors to MMO Fallout have played […]

Psst…Clone Wars Adventures Is For Kids…

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures launched ten days ago to moderate fanfare from the media (IE: Me), a factor that can mostly be attributed to the idea that the game is for kids. This isn’t to say that Clone Wars Adventures is a low quality game, simply that many kids are likely to just jump […]

Nothing Says Loving Like A Non-Functioning Patcher

Under normal circumstances, I could chalk this up to Final Fantasy XIV having just launched yesterday (for the head start) but at some point I would be injecting rationale and patience into an area of the system where people have historically rejected both. If you haven’t participated in Square Enix’s foray into the newest generation […]