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Runescape: Clever Publicity Stunt To Bring Back The Wilderness

Back in 2007, in an attempt to combat rampant real world trading that threatened to knock Runescape out of existence, Jagex implemented a drastic series of updates that resulted in a dramatic change for the way Runescape functioned. Items were assigned numerical values, and trade restricted based on those values. Players no longer dropped items […]


Steam Sales: Day #2 Up And Running

First off, I have to give my apologies to those of you who partook in yesterday’s sale on Aion, and will no doubt be at my door ready to slit my throat over the price reductions that are coming not 24 hours later. A few of the existing titles are now on sale at an […]

Celebrate 10 Years of Runescape With 10 Grand

Runescape turns ten in 2011, and Jagex wants to roll in the first decade with, and this is just a guess, an overabundance of the number ten. Throughout 2011, Jagex will be rolling the dice and picking lucky winners out of a hat in order to win fabulous cash prizes (real cash, not Jagex bucks). […] Slander With Human Shields

You have been issued a warning by one of our moderators. Warning Category: Trolling Reason: Posting excessive negative comments or baiting others to respond in a negative manner is considered trolling on the forums. I have this problem over on the forums, and that is whenever I make a positive post about Mortal […]

GamersGate Sales

I am always looking to expand MMO Fallout’s horizons in what websites we cover for sales, so today I’d like to bring in Gamersgate. Darkfall Was $29.95, now $14.98 (50% off) Includes 30 days free game time. Eve Online: Incursion Was $19.99, now $10 (50% off) Includes 30 days free game time. Star Trek Online […]

The Risar Are Coming! The Risar Are Coming! [Mortal Online]

“Help! Anyone, everyone, we need help! The Risar are attacking!” GM Events are nature’s way of saying “we’re willing to break from the normal monotony of every day gaming.” In most cases, these events are pretty simple in nature, and result in little change to the game’s landscape, if any at all. The event starts, […]