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[Community] First Impressions Are Everything

Jbuck1984 over on Reddit wants RaiderZ developer MAIET Entertainment to know that it took him ten minutes to decide that the MMO wasn’t worth investing the time into. Simple: Upon entering the game, Jbuck1984 was immediately greeted by a spam bot that could not be blocked due to poor UI and an impossible to read […]


Companies House Proposes Striking Off Jagex Ltd.

Update: I made a mistake in calling the fines “heavy.” The fine is actually about 750 pounds, which a company with Jagex’s income wouldn’t even notice. The drama continues. Last week we talked about how Jagex is currently three months late on filing its annual financial statements. According to Companies House, Jagex was supposed to […]

Earthrise Closer To Alpha Launch, Accepting Registration

Earthrise: The game some of you may not have heard of, is back! Well, not at the moment anyway. If you haven’t been paying attention to this or other MMO news sites, Earthrise is a sci-fi sandbox MMO that launched in February 2011 by Bulgarian developer Masthead Studios. Earthrise was panned rather widely in the […]

Hammerpoint Interactive Issues Open Letter To Community

The War Z developer Hammerpoint Interactive seems to be in a constant state of apology lately. The game was released on Steam and then pulled shortly after when players began complaining that features advertised were not actually in the game. Sergey Titov then went on Gamespy to blame the Steam community for misreading the details, […]

TERA Will Remain Subscription Based In US/EU

Update: Gee that was fast. TERA’s European community manager has posted on the forums to confirm that more details will be released of the EU free to play transition in January. Please understand that it is too early right now to talk about this but we will have more information for you about the EU […]

Hellgate: Global Shutting Down In Japan

Editor’s Note:¬†Please note that the information is based off of a translated Japanese announcement. Some details may have been lost in translation. I know what you’re thinking, “Omali, didn’t Hellgate Global shut down like three years ago?” No. Hellgate Global doesn’t make much news nowadays since Hanbitsoft hasn’t done much following the launch of Hellgate: […]

Age of Wushu Yanks Certain Preorder Bonuses

Updated Story: Snail Games has decided to give everyone who bought the Elite package the permanent horse. d. The permanent mount. There was quite a bit of miscommunication regarding this from both sides. When we were working on the package for the Elite players we honestly did not see it as an issue. There was […]

Family Guy Online Shutting Down Next Month

Family Guy Online is a self-proclaimed “MMLOL,” fancy business speak which when translated into common English means “mediocre¬†game based on well known IP.” Sure, Family Guy Online was an incredibly shallow game experience that put more effort into various fart jokes and racist/sexist comments than coding, but look at it this way: Underneath all of […]

Continuing City of Steam’s Closed Beta

We are into yet another preview of City of Steam, the upcoming browser MMO by Mechanist Games. Since this is the third closed beta weekend I have played, this is around the time where the little things in the game start popping out and really nagging me. Since this is a beta, I’ve agreed under […]

Jagex Still Yet To File Yearly Financial Statements

Jagex is behind on their financial statements: Over two months. The UK based developer was required to submit its annual filing on September 30th, according to Companies House, something that they have yet to do heading into late December. Stellar Dawn Central, a fan website for Jagex’s recently indefinitely delayed MMO Stellar Dawn, posted a […]