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Bethesda Wins Lawsuit, Interplay Fallout MMO Terminated

War. War never changes. And neither does litigation. Bethesda’s parent company Zenimax Studios announced today the results of the recent settlement between Bethesda and Interplay, over the rights of the Fallout MMO. In the settlement, Zenimax has come out on top, retaining all rights to the Fallout name and ensuring anything Interplay was working on […]


Falling Out #2: Healing Classes

Because we all know a guy like the Fighter. Special thanks to Ryker from the Spriter’s Resource message board for the enlarged Final Fantasy sprites. Tune in for a new episode every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Earthrise Back Online

Attention Earthrise Players: The Earthrise Servers are back on-line, all players are now able to sign in and play the latest build. At this time “Only Previously Registered Players” will have access to enter the game, we will announce when we are ready to start accepting new registrations for Earthrise. After an extended period of downtime, Earthrise […]

MMO Fallout: The Comic, Falling Out

The Old Republic is the worst launch ever. This is the first episode of Falling Out, a topical comic conceived in a mind with neither writing or artistic skills. Look for new episodes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

A Bounty Reward System Sounds Delightfully Prone To Abuse

I would like to use today to announce my recruitment for the official MMO Fallout guild presence in the upcoming sandbox MMO Dominus. Now as you all know, the traditional MMO Fallout guild presence involves little presence, organization, or the actual existence of a guild. Rather, we log in at random times, don’t have much […]

Video of the ____: Planetside 2 Shows Off Ground, Aerial Combat

The latest video from Planetside 2 comes from Sony’s publishing partner, The9. You may remember The9 as the Chinese publisher for World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Free Realms, and Hellgate London. Details in the video aside, you can see some glimpses of ground combat, aerial combat, and vehicle combat, and boy does it look good. […]

Picture of the ____: The Old Republic /breakdown

Leave it up to the internet to find even more humor in an already humorous bug. In The Old Republic, players discovered that using the emote /getdown causes your enemies to be unable to target you properly. Bioware has stated that no one has been banned or warned for this, so dance to your heart’s […]

Star Trek Online Early Access Begins January 5th

Set your sonic screwdriver to maximum extermination! Sorry, wrong franchise. As announced last year, Star Trek is Cryptic’s second title to make the transition to free to play, although the wait may feel like forever and a day. If only there was a way for Cryptic to allow past subscribers a chance to get into […]

Earthrise Servers Have Been Offline Since December 8th

What a poor time to schedule a “Why Aren’t You Playing” article. Due to restructuring of our activities and change of the server location, the Earthrise servers will be going offline for 1 week between 8th of December and 16th of December. During that time you will not be able to login and play the […]

Bethesda/Interplay Lawsuit Settled, Nothing Specific Released

It’s funny how some banners look better in your mind before you put them on paper. Good news everyone! According to Duck and Cover, a premiere Fallout fan site, a settlement has been reached between Bethesda and Interplay over the ongoing lawsuit pertaining to Fallout Online (or Project V13).  For those in need of a […]