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Blizzard Lays Off 600: But From Where?

Blizzard is a special case. If any other company were to lay off 600 people, I might put on my tinfoil hat and start predicting the incoming Chapter 11 apocalypse. Meanwhile, while the usual people are screaming of the impending death of Blizzard, it is worth noting that 90% of the layoffs are from the […]


Everquest Online Adventures Shutting Down

Talk about disappointingly bad timing. Just as I started writing about Everquest Online Adventures, Sony has announced the impending shuttering of the title. On March 29th, Sony will be shutting down Everquest Online Adventures, Cosmic Rift, Infantry, and Star Chamber. Everquest Online Adventures launched in 2003 as a Playstation 2 exclusive. As a reward to […]

Black Prophecy’s Future In Question

Black Prophecy exploded on to Gamigo’s library of titles as one of the best looking MMOs on the market, even more surprising when you look at the free to play model. The game has been praised for its high production quality and customization, but rather criticized for lack of variety in quests and poor server […]

Jagex: Balancing Amazing Prizes With…Well, Amazing Prizes

In order to balance the circulation of powerful items, many MMOs use what is known as either Bind on Equip or Bind On Pickup. The former allows you to trade the equipment, provided you haven’t used it yet. The latter renders the item unable to be traded once you pick it up, making the item […]

Funcom Q4 Finances: Project A Unveiled

In their third quarter finances, Funcom predicted a lower revenue for quarter four on account of the initial fervor over Age of Conan’s free to play ending. In the presentation, released today, Funcom reaffirmed this by posting a revenue loss of 11% quarter over quarter. While Age of Conan remains Funcom’s primary source of income, […]

TERA Beta Preview #2: Electric Boogaloo

This past weekend marked the second closed beta for The Exiled Realm of Arborea, and my second full weekend of ignoring everything in the Area chat channel for the sake of my ignore button. My last preview was mostly done through Twitter, during which I managed to level up to 9 before admittedly logging out. […]

Developing: John Smedley Discussing Region Restrictions

[Update]¬†From SOE’s Facebook page. ProSieben and SOE Continue to Work Toward a Solution – SOE and ProSieben worked throughout the weekend to develop a plan that will allow our players to access and play on any server regardless of where they are in the world. Our community is our top priority and rest assured, all […]

Stream Of Thoughts: Everquest Online Adventures

I’ve never had an opportunity to play Everquest Online Adventures on the Playstation 2. Released in 2003, Everquest Online Adventures was one of the first MMOs to hit the consoles, and reportedly still has a rather healthy community to this day. For the fact that the game hasn’t been sold in brick and mortar stores […]

Let’s Talk: MMOs For Your Kids

If Lego Universe has a legacy to leave behind, it is a page in history soaked with the sorrow of children and parents who simply want to give them a game that they can have fun with and perhaps learn something from. Since I wrote the bit on Lego Universe and children with autism, the […]

Darkfall’s New Player Experience: Safe Zones

As someone who enjoys playing video games even more than I do writing about them, I am sympathetic to the plight of the newbie. After all, I’ve played enough of other games to have gotten a good feel for Darkfall when it released a few years ago, but I understand that there are plenty of […]