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Falling Out #11: Global Servers

This happens at least once on every global game I play, at least one person demanding that everyone speak English. Advertisements


Hellgate Global: Status Update and Ticket Prices

Back in July, I talked about how players can get access to Hellgate Global’s Act 3 ticket and Tokyo expansion without paying a dime by paying for the tickets on the in-game auction house. At the time, the tickets only cost a few hundred thousand palladium. In September, I updated the post with another update: […]

The Old Republic: 1.7 Million Subscribers

Many years ago, I could provide you with hard subscriber facts because companies were actually able to reveal them. Today, thanks to investors and “trade secrets,” we generally have to settle for vague statements of growth, decline, or breaking even. Actually, these days World of Warcraft is one of the few developers left that come […]