AD2460 Going Free To Play December 7th


Norwegian developer Fifth Season AS has announced that their browser MMO AD2460 will be heading free to play this month. Until the update goes into effect on December 7th, new players are encouraged to take advantage of the game’s 15 day free trial to get started. The business model change will go up alongside the deployment of Patch 7.

In place of a subscription, Fifth Season has promised that the game will not see the introduction of ‘pay to win’ features.

Fifth Season has always been very clear in their stance against “pay-to-win” so even though the game now goes “free-to-play” it will have no elements of “pay-to-win”. The elements one can spend money on will all be based around added fun and customization. Such features include facial and graphical commander elements, placing bounties on your opponents and “War-Games” where you can challenge opponents for practice or fun without risking losing your fleets. It is anticipated that all of these features will be expanded upon throughout future patches as well.

(Source: Fifth Season press release)

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