Age of Conan Adds Don’t Die Challenge

Age of Conan is back on track with content updates. Today, Funcom has added in Unconquered mode. In Unconquered mode, you’ll create a new character and go through the game as normal. The goal here is to get as far as you can without dying, with your character receiving rewards the further they get in the form of vanity armor sets, weapons, and badges.

This isn’t hardcore mode, however, but closer to an achievement system found in Lord of the Rings Online. If your character dies, you’ll just stop receive the Unconquered rewards. Nothing else changes.

Create a new character, mark them as Unconquered, level up, and earn new rewards! The only catch:  If your Unconquered character dies, the run’s over.  You won’t be able to continue earning rewards with that character.

How long will you survive?

Source: Age of Conan

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