Aika Online Transfers To T3Fun January 31st


Make notes on your paper calendar, kids, you have until February 10th to give consent to transfer your Aika Online details over. As of January 31st, gPotato will no longer be publishing Aika Online. On that same day, the title will be transitioned over to T3Fun’s services. All information, including account ID, email, password, and game data will be moved over in the process, but only if you sign in and migrate your account before the due date, otherwise the data will be lost forever. To prepare for the exchange of services, gPotato has warned that any items or gold in the auction house as of January 31st will be lost, and recommends removing said goods before such time.

Aika Online launched in 2009 under both gPotato and T3Fun, with the former publishing in North America and the latter in Europe. In February 2011, the two publishers appear to have settled territory disputes, as both games opened their doors to anyone to play, regardless of region. On October 27th, 2011, T3Fun shut down the servers for its version of Aika Global, making way for gPotato to rule all of Mordor. I suppose now the shoe is on the other foot.

(Source: Aika Online)

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  • gina

    you have wrong photo, this is game photo for Tera, not Aika.

    • Omali

      Gak. This is what happens when you let the filter choose a screenshot. You type in “Aika” and it thinks “Gaikai sounds close enough.”

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