Alganon Expansion Hits January 28th


After a long time waiting, Alganon’s expansion Rise of the Ourobani will be releasing next week on January 28th. Developed by 3000AD, Rise of the Ourobani introduces a third faction to Alganon with the interesting twist that, rather than opposing both factions, the Ourobani will aid whichever side happens to be losing at the time in the ongoing war. As the tides turn, allies become enemies as quick as the drop of a hat. The expansion also introduces flying mounts, hired mercenaries, and a new class: The warden. The warden is a ranged class capable of taming pets and transforming into one of a few different animals with respective abilities making the class something of a cross between the hunter and druid from World of Warcraft.

The expansion will have a price, which has not been revealed at this time.

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