Alganon: Free Server Transfers to Europe

Every time I write an article about Alganon, I inevitably get the same question: Omali, why do you bother reporting on this game? My answer is a rather simple one: I believe that Alganon does not receive the attention it should be getting. I’ve never broken the cardinal rule of MMO Fallout (never report just to announce new content) regarding Alganon, so nothing shady is going on according to my book.

In our last installment of Alganon, I talked about the opening of a European server. That server, named Aeon, opened today. The server is located in Amsterdam, and should offer a better experience for European players who otherwise experienced unbearable lag on the United States server.

Today we launched the Aeon Alganon server, located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We’re pleased to offer this new server, centrally located in Western Europe for the convenience of our players in the EU. This server can be accessed through the Europe tab on the world list, and players on any continent can choose to play on either the Aeon server (EU) or Matma’el (US).

For the next week until July 19th, players will be allowed to transfer their characters to the Aeon server for free. After the time is up, the server transfers are going back up to 1363 tribute (between $8-9 USD). I’ve marked the dates on the MMO Fallout calendar.

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