All Points Bulletin: You Are Dead, Not Big Surprise.

And yet The Mummy Lives

I’m going to inject a little politics into MMO Fallout when I say that, much like when former President George W. Bush gave a direct warning to the terrorists “bring it on,” Dave Jones’ prediction and seeming lack of care that All Points Bulletin would receive poor reviews was less than intelligent. Although here at MMO Fallout, I’ve always stated not to trust MMO reviews, preferring to utilize game sales, trials (be they limited or unlimited) and generally just the player’s own experience rather than watching a video or reading on paper what the game is about.

Back in early July, not too long after All Point Bulletin’s release, I wrote up an article explaining that the game needed to find its niche and stick with it. If they were going for an MMO shooter feel, than the MMO aspect needed to be beefed up greatly. Likewise, if they were going for a large-scale shooter/driver game, than the driving and shooting needed to be overhauled to make the game viable in a market of games with much better driving and shooting, that more importantly didn’t carry a charge to play. Going off of my earlier point, I should note that despite the embargo on reviews, once the reviews from reputable sources (take with grain of salt) came in, they were less than stellar.

Unfortunately, Realtime Worlds is in a rut a lot of MMOs get into after they launch: Launching the game with the hopes of doing large fixes will not cut it when your players are not willing to fund you, and investors aren’t willing to supplement your coffers to implement those changes. is reporting that Realtime Worlds has gone into administration, which is where the company is allowed to operate until they find an investor, despite being insolvent (unable to pay their debts).

Kinda reminds you of in 2008 when Dave Jones said that APB could compete with WoW on the market.

So is this the end for Realtime Worlds? Not necessarily. MMO Fallout will be here to cover the ongoing look for an investor. I’ll start my bid at whatever is in my change box of coins.

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