Anarchy Online’s New Graphics Engine Releases


The wait for Anarchy Online’s new engine dates back to MMO Fallout’s infancy, literally. We’ve been around since July 2009, and the new engine was uncovered that December. Players who have stuck around have a good reason to rejoice, as Funcom has announced that the new engine is finally available on the live server. The new engine comes at the cost of a 5gb installer and a 23gb installation.

(Source: Funcom)

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One Response to “Anarchy Online’s New Graphics Engine Releases”

  1. Rodolfo Aguinaldo Jr. says:

    AO would be better if it wasnt a subscription model anymore. and focus more on advertisements. its such a good game system ,. the problem is the community decline in population, and that makes it boring for the subscribing population. they try to remedy this with “vanilla” free (which makes the game look pay to win) at least make shadowlands acessible to free players. then they try to fix it with the item that can be purchased ingame to extend your time, but with a bunch of complexities attatched. the implant system alone goes well and beyond what other games have. i hope they find a way to catch up. would hate to see this game go away because there is really nothing like it when it comes to all the in depth stuff you can do in this game… i have seen people use gear 150 levels beyond them… its just amazing what can be done in the game if you’re into putting effort and not just the “everyone is the same” bullS*** customization that other games promise.

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