APB Details Upcoming Spawn System Changes


Ever since Reloaded Productions took over All Points Bulletin and relaunched it as APB: Reloaded, the team has been hard at work addressing reverences from the community, whether related to driving, threat systems, lag, and now the spawn system apparently. In a recent blog posting, the APB team discusses the current manner in which players respawn after death, and the troubles associated with the current formula. As the blog lays out, the current system often leaves the player far out of the way, the same spawn point, or right on top of your enemy.

In an upcoming update, players will be able to enjoy Elective Spawning, effectively the same system but instead of automatically spawning at the “best” point generated by the system, players will have a number of spawn points available to choose from. You will also be able to view where other dead teammates have opted to respawn, in order to better coordinate during public matches. Players will also be able to modify vehicles to allow their teamates to spawn inside of them, given certain conditions are met.

You can read all of it at the blog post below:

(Source: APB Reloaded Blog)

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