ArcheAge Update Targets Chat Spam

ARCHEAGE 2014-09-24 15-36-41-38

Today’s update to ArcheAge goes up in under an hour, followed by three to five hours of downtime. Version 1.2 build 4.11 introduces a few convenience changes to the game: The Kraken can only be damaged by siege weapons, trial chat can now only be used by participants in a trial, healer weapons are now rewarded in quests, and warehouse expansion has had its cap increased. To fight bots, Trion is introducing a level restriction for chat channels:

  • Chatting in the Faction, Shout, Trade, Need Party, and Nation chat channels is now restricted to characters that are level 15 and higher.

No, this update will not stop chat spam. The goal, and what this update will accomplish, is to put a stop to the seemingly never ending cycle of spam accounts creating a level one character, typing once in chat, and then deleting said character in order to bypass the ignore list. Of course, a chat filter would also be nice.

(Source: Trion Worlds)

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