ArcheAge Welcome Back Package Turns Sour

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Update: Trion has laid out its plans here.

Trion Worlds is a company that we see a lot of complaints about here at MMO Fallout, but being too generous is a new one. The developer recently tried to bring back ArcheAge players with lapsed subscriptions by sending emails offering free stuff. Many players received about what you’d expect from such a program: RNG boxes, cosmetic mounts, some resources, etc. Others, however, found themselves the new owners of rare materials, and even gift packages that normally sell for $100 on the cash shop.

Needless to say players are livid, a phrase that seems all too common when talking about ArcheAge. Trion, for their part, have acknowledged that they went too far in what constitutes an acceptable gift and will be addressing the matter further.

We need to ensure our existing loyal patrons and players never feel slighted when we implement programs like this. It’s important for us to treat our community fairly and to do this we are designing a giveaway for all active ArcheAge players. We will have more details tomorrow after internal discussions occur around development of the program.

(Source: ArcheAge)

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One Response to “ArcheAge Welcome Back Package Turns Sour”

  1. Sam says:

    All true, except that “cosmetic mount” is a jackpot item from a current RNG box. People have spent hundreds of dollars for the mount with nothing to show for it. Not to mention, Trion stated that they would not release said mount – not for direct purchase or for loyalty points – causing those who dropped hundreds of dollars on the mount understandably livid.