Archlord Says Hello 2010: Good, Bad, and Ugly

Archlord is one of those titles I don’t get to talk about much, because it falls into the category of games that are small enough that any announcement made is heard within the radius of your average MMOs local chat. So when the companies give status updates on the title, I jump on it like, well, myself on status updates.

Last we heard from Archlord, back in early October, the game had shifted from Codemasters to Webzen, not only offering to transfer characters and their currencies, but bringing in a new swashbuckling class. Webzen has been busy for the past few months, and 2010 is when we will see the fruits of their work:

On the good side, Webzen is starting out the year with a new server. Deribelle, as it is named, will play host to increased experience, better loot drops, and item giveaways to welcome the new players. Later next month will see the release of a multi-language client, bringing German, Portugese, Spanish, and French into the game. The Chaotic Frontier, a new dungeon, features level scaling, allowing players of any level to jump right in and experience the wonders it has to offer, with loot scaled of course.

Sadly, there is no good without evil, and the new Deribelle realm comes on the heels of two of the four European servers shutting down.

Despite the setback of two lost servers, there is no doubt (at least in my mind) that Webzen wants to make Archlord work for those who are still loyal to the title. For those of you who have not given the title a try, now is as good of a time as any. It is free to play, after all.

More on Archlord if I get to talk about it this year.

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