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ArcheAge New Continent Coming Soon

ArcheAge’s continent Auroria can be seen on a map, you just can’t travel to it right now. According to Junkiesnation, Auroria is set to release before patch 1.7. There is no set launch date for patch 1.7, which is currently in translation. Auroria will be released before Patch 1.7. Trion’s looking to release the zone […]

F.E.A.R Online Launches October 17th

Aeria Games announced today that F.E.A.R Online will launch on October 17th via Steam. Players will be able to get into the game’s open beta beginning on October 8th via the Aeria Games portal, which you can sign up for on the game’s website. “We are excited to introduce F.E.A.R. Online to millions of PC […]

RuneScape Update Includes Opt-Out

Today’s update to RuneScape makes it possible for players to reset select combat skills, only once, by talking to Nastroth in Lumbridge. Choosing either option will result in associated skills being reset to level 1, and all associated rewards and quests that required said skill being revoked. Jagex has cautioned that skill resets cannot, and […]

Opinion: RuneScape Needs A New Engine

RuneScape’s combat system has never been the highlight of the game for me, not when I joined in 2004 and not when I’m still playing today in 2014. Before the addition of Evolution of Combat, fighting monsters was a boring system of clicking and watching your fighters trade blows, occasionally eating food or drinking potions […]

Get Champions Online On Sale, Keep It On Sale

Champions Online subscriptions are currently on sale until 9/29, discounted 33% off plus an extra benefit. As an added incentive to jump on board now, Perfect World Entertainment is extending the offer to recurring subscribers. As long as you keep your subscription active, the discount will remain in effect. Once you lock into a subscription, […]

Destiny Changes Loot, Farming, And More

Bungie has released the details of upcoming patch 1.0.2, aiming at player complaints over the game’s loot system. Starting when the patch goes live next week, engrams will always produce items of the same quality or better than the engram itself. What this means is that players will no longer receive legendary engrams and decode […]

Global Agenda 2 Closed Beta This Year, Possibly

It’s been quite a while since we last heard about Global Agenda 2, to the point where here at MMO Fallout we weren’t quite sure if the game was still in production (see: Titan, World of Darkness). Surprisingly, or unsurprisingly depending on who you ask, the game is not only still in development, it is […]

Line of Defense Momentarily Made Free On Steam

Line of Defense went into early access last week and while the idea was that players would need to purchase one of the game’s founder’s packs to gain access, a mistake in the game’s Steam listing caused the title to be made available for free to anyone, buyer or not. The mistake was fixed by Valve, […]

Pathfinder Online Delays Early Enrollment

Goblinworks has announced that Pathfinder Online’s open enrollment period will be rescheduled to give their developers more time to implement more features that the community has requested be made available at the start of open enrollment. There are a lot of final pieces coming into place to turn Pathfinder Online into a Minimum Viable Product […]

MMOrning Shots: Dragons In The Rough

Today’s MMOrning Shot comes to us from Neverwinter, where players have been tasked with defending their lands against the advances of the Cult of the Dragon. The event leads up to Neverwinter’s fourth module, Tyranny of Dragons. Check out MMOrning Shots every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.