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Surprise! DC Universe Launched On Xbox One Today

Daybreak Game Company previously announced that DC Universe Online would be heading to Microsoft’s latest console generation, and the less patient of you need wait no longer. As of noon today EST, you can download the free to play superhero MMO on Xbox One and create your dream hero or villain. While there is no […]

Guild Wars 2 Polling WvW Content

How should Arenanet prioritize world vs world content? They want to know, and they’d like you to tell them. In a post on the official website, players have been invited to vote on which project the team will work on next. The polls are open until May 4th. (Source: Guild Wars 2)

ArcheAge Producer Letter Discusses Security, Servers

ArcheAge senior producer Merv “Khrolan” Lee Kwai has posted a new producer letter for April 2016, discussing a range of topics from security to server structure. The post starts out by commenting that the western ArcheAge is only one update behind the Korean version. So where does ArcheAge stand? You may recall Trion warning not […]

Construction Hits Planetside 2

Daybreak Game Company has deployed the latest major update to Planetside 2, introducing the ability for players to deploy custom fortifications. The three factions are now competing, in addition to territory, for Cortium, a resource that can only be harvested using 4-man transport vehicles known as ANTs. An ANT also grants schematics to create new […]

Lego Minifigures Online License Ends In October

Funcom’s latest quarterly report is out and it looks like Lego Minifigures Online is getting ready to kick the bucket. Launched in 2015, we’ve covered numerous statements from Funcom over the ensuing quarters that the game was not performing up to internal forecasts. Last year, the company even wrote off $2.9 million due to the […]

Webzen Celebrates 7 Years With A Giveaway

MMO Fallout has partnered with Webzen to celebrate the publisher’s seventh anniversary, and what better way to celebrate than by giving out heaps of free items? Starting now, you can head to the bottom of this page and nab yourself a key. That key is good for a bundle of free items on any of […]

[Community] Amazon’s Ridiculous and Inconsistent Prime-Gating

Before we begin, let me just get this out of the way and say that I am an Amazon Prime customer and am very happy with my service. Now on to the article. Amazon has caused plenty of ruffled feathers and heads scratched in confusion with a very odd and inconsistent new scheme to sell […]

Daybreak Game Company in “Growth” Mode

Laura Naviaux Sturr, chief publishing officer over at Daybreak Game Company, sat down with in order to discuss the developer’s last year, certain hurdles, and how the company is looking forward. Over the past year, Sony Online Entertainment was spun off into its own company under a new name, saw massive layoffs and the […]

Snake MMO Is A Fun Time Waster

Slither is an MMO browser version of Snake, with a bit of Tron thrown in for good measure. The game is completely free, has a simple premise, and can provide hours of engagement followed by the inevitable moment where you look out the window and realize that the sun has both risen and set. All you […]

Riders of Icarus Giveaway [All Gone!]

It’s giveaway day here at MMO Fallout, and today’s game is Riders of Icarus, a mount-flying MMORPG from Nexon America and WeMade Entertainment. We have one hundred keys to give away for the second closed beta test, beginning today (April 21st) and running through Thursday April 28th. If you happen to be visiting PAX East, […]