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Akaneiro Appears To Be Dead, Customer Support Closed

ARPG Akaneiro is offline and Spicy Horse Games has shut down, at least that’s how it appears if you have tried to play their games recently. Users attempting to log into Akaneiro are finding that the servers are not responding, and neither is Spicy Horse’s customer support, who are auto-responding to support tickets with the […]

Jagex Plays Pivotal Role In New Publicly Listed Games Company

Back in July, I reported that Jagex had been acquired by Chinese investors, and that the deal would mean the formation of a new company. Today, Jagex has finally unveiled that the acquisition is moving forward and that the new publicly listed company will be called Zhongji Holding. Rod Cousens, who took over as CEO after […]

MU Legend Beta Starts October 25th

The first global closed beta test for MU Legend is set to begin later in October, according to MMO developer/publisher Webzen. The successor to MU Online, MU Legend features hack and slash combat with four classes. Richard Moon, Head of Global Business at WEBZEN, commented: “We are happy to finally be able to give players […]

Hi-Rez Studios Announces $150,000 Paladins Tournament

Paladins has had a massive response, and Hi-Rez Studios has wasted no time in announcing the first major tournament with a grand prize that could only be described as…grand. Teams from Brazil, North America, Europe, Latin America, Australia/New Zealand, and China will all compete over $150 grand from January 5th through the 8th, with 8 […]

[Not Massive] Capcom Quickly Rolls Back Malware Rootkit In Street Fighter V

Capcom very quickly rolled back an update to Street Fighter V on PC meant to curb cheating on the platform. The update introduced a rootkit that, according to tech savvy users, includes a vulnerability that grants kernel-level privileges to any installed application. Capcom.sys shuts off crucial security defenses on the computer before running whatever instructions […]

Rant: The Miserable Experience of Paladins

I’m writing this while viewing my profile page on Paladins, the latest title by Hi-Rez Studios and something of a cross between a MOBA and modern day Team Fortress 2. It’s a pretty simple concept, one that has been in beta for the better part of the last year. Two teams fight over control of […]

Alliance of Valiant Arms Returns Under En Masse Entertainment

Alliance of Valiant Arms is back up and running, after the decision was made to transfer publisher rights from Aeria Games to En Masse Entertainment. Luckily for players, the transfer doesn’t just mean signing your check over to a new company. The new release comes with graphical updates, a new user interface, and a new […]

Defiance Introduces Loot Karma For Patrons

  The Neo Votanis began this week and runs through October 10th, but there is more to do than simply knocking about the Shrill and Neo Votanis Front. Trion Worlds is looking to reward Patrons with armfuls of loot courtesy of the new Paradise Karma system. Paradise Karma is simple. Complete Major Arkfall events or purchase Synergy […]

Neverwinter’s Gateway Is Going Away

Neverwinter’s Gateway has always been a problem for Perfect World Entertainment. On its face, it is an amazingly useful tool where players can manage their inventories, buy and sell goods, level up skills, and play Sword Coast Adventures. It wasn’t available for the PS4 or Xbox, but those on PC managed to get quite a […]

Storage Wars: Buying A Banned RuneScaper’s Bank

When players are banned from RuneScape, what happens to their bank accounts? Does the bank seize the items? Donate the food to some charity to help the children of all the town guards that players murder every day? Does the armor get smelted down and turned into building materials for new content? Or am I […]