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Old School Resizable Mode Passes With 95%

Old School RuneScape’s latest poll doesn’t finish for another couple of days, but the figures are pretty much locked in. Chief among the long list of questions is whether or not players would like to see a resizable mode added. 95% of respondents (over 45 thousand) said yes, with a toggle to turn the feature […]

Neverwinter Disables Free Gift Promotion Temporarily

Perfect World Entertainment has temporarily halted an email promotion after players¬†began using it in an unexpected manner. As part of the event, Neverwinter distributed a single code that granted one code with a chance to win random goods including elemental companions. Players soon realized that the items were not account bound, allowing them to set […]

ArcheAge “Reap What You Sow” Event

ArcheAge’s next big update, Omen of Dread Prophecies, is set for an April 28th launch, introducing new zones, ship customization, and improved ship designs, and more. To get players ready, Trion Worlds is hosting a series of events beginning last week and running through the 28th. The Reap What You Sow event runs until tomorrow […]

Wildstar Bundles “Mystery Box” With New Copies

Carbine Studios is running a promotion with Wildstar: Buy a copy of the game and receive a “mystery box” code, which will grant one of three items: A mount (pictured above), a hoverboard, and a costume set, plus a title for collecting all three. For a limited time, when you buy a standard-edition copy of […]

Check Out RuneScape Chronicles Footage From Insomnia 54

Jagex¬†showed up at the Insomnia 54 convention in the UK to show off Chronicle: RuneScape Legends, their upcoming card game based in RuneScape lore. For those of you who weren’t able to make it out to the UK, the team has posted their twenty minute demonstration of the game in action, showing a full match […]

Linda “Brasse” Carlson Is Now At Trion Worlds

Linda Carlson, also known as her Everquest avatar Brasse, has been scooped up by Trion Worlds and hired as the new director of community relations. Carlson had previously worked at Sony Online Entertainment until shortly after the company was acquired by Columbus Nova and rebranded as Daybreak Game Company. We here at MMO Fallout wish […]

EA Gutting Play4Free Amidst SWTOR Growth

Electronic Arts has announced that a handful of titles from their free to play library will be shutting down this year. The list includes Battlefield Heroes, Battlefield Play4Free, Fifa World and Need 4 Speed World. Servers are set to shut down in about 90 days. Star Wars: The Old Republic continues to enjoy an “enthusiastic […]

Wildstar Recalls Point Toward Impending Changes

EB Games and JB Hi-Fi have been ordered to recall all copies of Wildstar from shelves in Australia, increasing the likelihood that the game is in the process of either changing its subscription model or shutting down entirely. As of this publishing. Wildstar is still available for purchase from the official website, as well as […]

Defiance’s Alcatraz Update Live Today

Defiance’s latest update Alcatraz is now available. The update introduces a higher level cap, a new zone, new equipment type, and expeditions. The new zone, Alcatraz, acts as the stage through which players take on expeditions, cooperative maps that task ark hunters with taking on increasingly difficult challenges. Cyber rigs are new equipment that can […]