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[Rant] Shame On Activision/Bungie

MMO Fallout doesn’t appear on Metacritic or Gamerankings, and it never will. Those of you who read our MMOments pieces will know that I refuse to attach a numerical score to my reviews, because the criteria for scoring differs between reviewers and the number is ultimately meaningless and only serves as troll-bait for the inevitable […]

Archlord 2 Launches First Expansion

Archlord players have plenty to be happy about, as Webzen launched the first expansion pack for Archlord II earlier today. The expansion introduces a number of new areas and dungeons to explore and quest in, and increases the current level cap from 41 to 46. Also available to players is the new Archlord system, where […]

ArcheAge Adding Servers

ArcheAge’s launch is just a couple of days away, and players are already flooding the head start servers, resulting in long queues and a severe lack of housing space for intrepid explorers. In preparation for the full launch, Trion Worlds today launched two new servers. One server in North America and one in Europe. Both […]

MMOrning Shots: Down The Hatch

Today’s MMOrning Shot comes to us from Destiny, more specifically my own character in Destiny. We are six days out from Destiny’s launch and I am three days out from completing the story mode and hitting level 20. Some of you may be confused on how Destiny’s level cap is 20 yet the “real level […]

Mark Gerhard Departs Jagex

Mark Gerhard has announced that he is leaving his position as CEO of Jagex this December. One of my proudest achievements at Jagex has been our efforts of tackling Botting and Gold Farming. When I first joined this was a huge problem for the business which I understand had plagued the game and community for […]

Side Quest Missing: Presumed Dead

It’s really disappointing to see promising games never receive the attention that they deserve, and an unfortunate reality of the environment we live in today. I wrote an early preview of Side Quest where I had a great time playing, but felt as though the game would receive better exposure as a mobile title, where gamers are […]

Trion Worlds Reverses Labor Potion Changes

Trion Worlds has released the latest patch notes for ArcheAge, revealing that the labor point potion has been reverted back to its original 12-hour cooldown. This isn’t the first time ArcheAge has seen controversial items altered or outright removed from the cash shop, with Trion Worlds claiming complete control over what is available and at […]

MMOments: Destiny

Have you heard of the black garden? The greatest threat to us all lies there. I wish I could tell you all about Destiny’s rich story and lore, I really do, but frankly there isn’t much that I can remember that isn’t tied to a basic storytelling trope. Basically the story is that a giant construct […]

Line of Defense Early Access Now Available

Line of Defense, the MMOFPS by 3000AD, is now available for purchase on Steam’s Early Access program. The servers don’t go live until around 10am on September 16th, you can get your hands on the early access packages for 50% off for the time being. The sale lasts until the servers go live and you […]

MMOrning Shots: Destiny

Today’s MMOrning Shot comes to us from Destiny, the latest title to be released on both Playstation and Xbox consoles. MMO Fallout is currently working on an MMOments article, which is being worked on as we speak and should be out in a day or so. Until then, enjoy this screenshot a guy at a […]