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Lineage II: Server Transfers Stopping Over the Holidays

Lineage II players thinking about changing servers might want to make up their minds soon. In a post on the official website, NCSoft has announced that server transfers will be shutting down for two weeks while the staff takes a much deserved holiday break. In addition to the two week break, the post notes that […]

PSN Sale Highlights

Playstation’s big holiday sale has arrived, bringing with it big savings. The list is massive, so MMO Fallout has put together our highlights from the sale. Titles below include the cost for both regular and Playstation Plus members. Check out our list below and then head on over to┬á to see what else is on […]

New AAA Developer Cold Iron Pops Up

The hot forges of Silicon Valley have produced Cold Iron, the latest AAA game developer making an original sci-fi title based on the Unreal 4 engine. While the game won’t be launched for a while to come, the studio is fully funded and is made up of some industry veterans. Foremost, former COO of Cryptic […]

[Column] Final Fantasy XIV’s Patcher Is Still Busted Garbage

For the record, I wanted this article to be an MMOments on how Final Fantasy XIV has been coming along, what changes have been made to the game, and what I did with my extra time allotted thanks to the welcome back campaign currently ongoing. I really did, I love Final Fantasy and XIV is […]

Hellgate Multiplayer Is Coming Back: Again!

Hellgate has had a rough past, developed by Flagship Studios, released in October 2007 and shut down in February 2009 by Flagship Studios before being picked up by eastern publisher Hanbitsoft and relaunched in the west only to be shut down again at the beginning of this year. Thankfully this time around the game is […]

NCSoft NCoin Cards Available at Retailers

NCSoft has announced that NCoin, the company’s premium currency, is available now at a select number of retailers. The list of retailers includes Walmart, Gamestop, Best Buy, and Toys R Us. Whether you’re looking to stock up on NCoin, or give your fellow gamer friends some NCSOFT spending money for the holidays, NCoin cards are […]

It Is Now Illegal To Make Game Cheats In Korea

Making and distributing cheats for games is a great way to get sued, providing you poke big bears like Epic Games or Blizzard, but while developers have taken down cheat makers through injunctions and by playing the copyright laws to their advantage, there isn’t a law on the books that specifically states “thou shalt not […]

How The Exiled Handles Server Activity

The Exiled is an upcoming game that promises to blend MOBA combat in a sandbox MMO, and the developer has detailed the final alpha test for 2016. Sandbox MMOs, as well as the rest of the genre, pretty much live and die based on server population, so what do you do when the population gets […]

Perfect World Entertainment Details December Holiday Events

Perfect World Entertainment has a lot of games in their library, and that means a busy December if you play more than one or two of them. For those of you looking forward to the festivities, we have a comprehensive guide for the events running through each game. Neverwinter: Winter Festival of Simril (December 15, […]

Gigantic Hits Xbox One Preview/Windows 10 On December 8

Perfect World Entertainment and Motiga have announced the open beta of MOBA Gigantic will launch on Windows 10 and Xbox One Preview on December 8. For players who hadn’t yet given the MOBA a try, there is another early opportunity to do so this week with a closed beta event running from December 1 through […]