Bethesda Vs Interplay: In Plain English


I know there are some avid Fallout Wiki readers who already know about this, but the rest of you might want to listen up. While the MMO community has had a good laugh over the past few months calling Fallen Earth the “Fallout MMO,” what many of them are not aware of is that there is indeed an MMO in development based on the Fallout Universe. When Bethesda bought out the Fallout franchise in 2007, they sub-licensed the rights to a Fallout MMO back to Interplay, on the agreement that Interplay would be in full development by April 2009.

April 2008: Interplay announces that Fallout Project V13 has entered production.
April 2009: Interplay announces that it will be working with Masthead Studios, who are currently working on Earthrise.
June 2009: Rumors surface that, due to the lack of productivity on Project V13, Interplay may have lost the Fallout MMO License.
September 2009: Bethesda is now suing Interplay for breach of agreement.

In plain English: Interplay sold the entire Fallout franchise to Bethesda with the agreement that Interplay would have the rights to develop a Fallout MMO. The terms of the contract stated that they had to gain funding and begin full development by April 2009, otherwise Interplay would lose the license and Bethesda would be free to make their own Fallout MMO. Despite some news over two years, Interplay was unable to procure either funding or proof of development, and as April has come and gone, Bethesda is playing the part of angry apartment owner, with Interplay being several years late on rent.

Interplay has had a rough time, going almost 60 million dollars in debt before doing massive restructuring and selling off much of their IP to get that money back. It would appear that a Fallout MMO will only happen under one of two circumstances. Either Interplay will hit be in full production, and the court will decide that they have fulfilled their side of the agreement, or Bethesda will win, gain the final puzzle piece of the Fallout IP and start work on their own MMO.

Which would you rather see? A Bethesda or an Interplay version of Fallout: The MMO?

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