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[Community] The Demand For Legacy Servers

Free servers are the MMO equivalent of regular game piracy, they’re likely never going to fully go away and developers have different approaches on how to deal with them. The gaming community is split on how private servers should be regarded, and there are plenty of legitimate and illegitimate reasons for their existence. If Nostalrius […]

[Column] Time To Warm Up Your Resumes, Red5

This past Christmas week brought sales, denial of service attacks, and the arrest of everyone’s favorite affluenza victim, but for the employees at Red5 Studios the holidays brought with it a check that many found they just couldn’t cash. Rumors surfaced over the past weekend that the Firefall developer was unable to pay its employees, […]

[Community] Trion Worlds Question & Non-Answer Session

  Developer Q&A’s are a great representation of why you should never allow an interview subject to cherry pick their own questions. With the exception of an exceptionally newsworthy answer, I’ve stopped covering developer Q&A’s here at MMO Fallout for a few reasons, not least of which being that they have a habit of wasting […]

[Community] Steam And The Refund Fallacy

Valve’s new refund policy for Steam has been up and running for about a week, and my prediction that this system would be crippling for certain developers is already coming true. If you’ve been paying attention to the digital papers these past two days, you’ve likely noticed a series of articles circulating around the developer […]

[Community] Let’s Call A Merger A Merger

Originally I intended this week’s Community column to be speculation about how Trion Worlds would handle ArcheAge’s upcoming server merge, given that the plans are still in the conceptual stage and any real action that will be taken is still months down the line. To fuel speculation, I looked at how server mergers were handled […]

[Community] Are Boxers Harshing Your Ragefire Buzz?

(Community is a weekly column discussing ongoing events in various MMOs. Agree or disagree, we’d like to hear what you think in the comments below.) Everquest’s Ragefire progression server has been up for less than a week, actually it’s been up for about four days, but if you’ve been trying to make headway in the […]

[Community] Do You Take Part In Month-Long Events?

RuneScape is eleven days into its May roadtrip, and the hardcore among you are no doubt already finished and reaping the benefits. As has become a tradition, the month of May means the RuneScape Road Trip. Players are given a booklet with a set of 20 tasks that can be completed once per day, with […]

Community: MMO Fallout Ethics Q&A

I’ll be honest with you folks, I am poorly prepared this week. Those of you who follow me on Twitter will know that I’ve been snowed into my house with no internet since last Monday, I haven’t had the capability of doing anything other than a few news pieces on my barely passable Chromebook. So […]

Community: Another Indie Dev Meltdown

(Editor’s note: minor language) When it comes to indie development, I consider myself to be a big fan of the genre. After all, gaming would look monumentally different if the small, poorly funded developers of the early days, and even those of the modern days, didn’t throw caution into the wind and give ideas a […]