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[Community] NCSoft’s Support Timeline

For this week’s Community Concerns, I decided to put together a graph of NCSoft’s library of MMOs, past and present. The above graph shows each game’s support timeline from the year it launched to the year that it shut down or to present if it is still running. Several of the titles may seem inaccurate […]

[Community] RuneScape Prestige Mode Rejected

  How violently can a person say no? RuneScape is a grinder’s game, there are over twenty five skills all of which require more than thirteen million experience in order to hit level 99, and one which goes further up to level 120. As far as even MMOs go, RuneScape takes a long time to […]

[Community] Stop Saying Kool-Aid

On this week’s Community Concerns, I want to talk about a phrase that makes my blood boil every time I hear it: drinking the Kool Aid. If you aren’t familiar with the phrase, “drinking the Kool Aid” means the unquestioned faith in another’s words or instructions. The phrase comes from the 1978 Jonestown Massacre where […]

[Community] Guild Wars 2 Authorized Logins

This week’s Community Concerns is all about Guild Wars 2, primarily questions about emails you may have received from ArenaNet regarding attempts to access your account. Guild Wars 2 utilizes a security method of email authentication whenever you attempt to log in from a new computer. Aside from being an excellent incentive to keep your […]

[Community] Is Ragnarok Online 2 Pay To Win?

Does Ragnarok Online 2 have a pay to win system? I’ve asked around about this and the best answer I’ve been able to come up with is “in a sense, yes, but nothing drastic.” I ask this because Ragnarok features a VIP system, similar to that found in games like Age of Wushu, where players […]

[Community] RuneScape: Observations From A Noob

RuneScape has become too friendly to new players over the years, at least that is what many longtime players will tell you. But is there truth to that statement? Muggiwhplar over at Tip.It says no, and argues that the introduction of Evolution of Combat (RuneScape’s combat overhaul) has made the game less friendly to free […]

[Community] The Move That Saved The Old Republic

Massively has a great article covering James Ohlen’s comments at GDC about how free to play saved The Old Republic. When free-to-play launched in November, it “blew all expectations out of the water,” said Ohlen. Subscriptions started going up again. Concurrent players on the servers went way up. Both of those statistics continue to rise. […]

[Community Concerns] Truth To Source Material

In case you hadn’t noticed, we are in what is essentially Neverwinter Week here at MMO Fallout. This week’s Community Concerns goes back to the actual community. In this case, user Shroom Mage over at the forums gave a great explanation as to why Neverwinter, despite some complaints from gamers, is still a Dungeons […]

[Community] Must We Threaten To Sue Over Everything?

As you all know, The Secret World went Buy-to-Play, dropping the required subscription in return for giving subscribers more perks and allowing the unwashed masses to play (and presumably spend some cash in the cash shop) by simply picking up the box copy. Like any other town with a bridge to live under, there is […]