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Webzen Celebrates 7 Years With A Giveaway

MMO Fallout has partnered with Webzen to celebrate the publisher’s seventh anniversary, and what better way to celebrate than by giving out heaps of free items? Starting now, you can head to the bottom of this page and nab yourself a key. That key is good for a bundle of free items on any of […]

Riders of Icarus Giveaway [All Gone!]

It’s giveaway day here at MMO Fallout, and today’s game is Riders of Icarus, a mount-flying MMORPG from Nexon America and WeMade Entertainment. We have one hundred keys to give away for the second closed beta test, beginning today (April 21st) and running through Thursday April 28th. If you happen to be visiting PAX East, […]

Luna Online Beta Giveaway

MMO Fallout has partnered with Suba Games to give away beta keys to the upcoming relaunch of Luna Online. Dubbed Luna Online: Reborn, the revival includes numerous improvements and additions over the original launch in order to attract a more nostalgic crowd of gamers. Suba Games is relaunching the title in response to overwhelming demands by […]

Divergence Online Ultimatum: No More Free Keys

Divergence Online is an upcoming hardcore sandbox MMO by developer Stained Glass Llama, dubbed a spiritual successor to pre-CU Galaxies and set to hit Steam as soon as Valve hits the launch button. SGL hopes to bring Divergence back to the glory days of sandbox games, one that predates Youtubers and streamers using their alleged […]

Soldier Front 2: Highly Reviewed, On Steam, Also Defunct

Soldier Front 2 is one of many free to play first person shooters on Steam and, if you’re anything like me, you may have stumbled upon it while browsing your recommended queue during the holiday sale. It may have even caught your eye, being a free to play shooter with a “very positive” community rating, […]

[Less Massive] The Mean Greens: Plastic Warfare

(Disclosure: The review copy of this game was provided to us) I wouldn’t be doing my job as a guy who writes about games online if I didn’t wax poetic constantly about how the new generation of games are all garbage in comparison to the older, and how you kids today wouldn’t know quality gaming […]

RaiderZ Getting Shut Down In August

When I interviewed Perfect World Entertainment back in 2013, we were assured that despite servers shutting down in Europe and Korea, that business would continue as usual. That business, I assume was solely predicated on the continuing survival of MAIET Entertainment, the game’s developer. Well MAIET Entertainment as a company is dead and buried, and […]

[Less Massive] Anti-Gamer Senator Leland Yee Off To Prison

Former California State Senator Leland Yee this week pleaded guilty to charges of racketeering in the San Francisco federal court. Yee admitted to accepting bribes in return for favors, including ten thousand in return for assisting in obtaining a state grant, eleven grand to meet with another state senator to discuss legislation, extorting money in […]

Nothing To See Here: Another Indie Meltdown

Darkbase 01 is a shooter developed by Nothing To See Here. Well, not really, it’s developed by Solar Storm Studio, a single person studio located in Trinidad & Tobago if his various profiles are to be believed. The game currently has 73 reviews and a 21% approval rating, slightly skewed since many of the positive reviews […]

Triad Wars Beta Key Giveaway

I’m pleased to announce that MMO Fallout is teaming up with United Front Games to distribute beta keys for Triad Wars. Triad Wars is an upcoming MMO set in the world of Sleeping Dogs, with players given the role of kingpin to a growing criminal empire in Hong Kong. We have one thousand beta keys to […]