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Star Vault Lays Down Road to Steam

With its big show on Steam just over the horizon, Star Vault has laid out how the hardcore sandbox MMO will make its way to gamers worldwide. Before Mortal Online is allowed to release, however, Star Vault is implementing a number of updates and fixes. In the latest press release, Star Vault has laid down […]

H1Z1 CS Items Lootable, In A Sense

With all of the hubbub about H1Z1 and the prospects of free to play and pay to win, John Smedley took to the game’s official subreddit to explain just how the game’s cash shop will work. Players will be able to buy wearables which can be looted by others upon death, in a manner of […]

Carbine Studios Donates To Child’s Play

This year at PAX East, Carbine Studios has announced a special donation to Child’s Play. In addition to a comically sized check for ten thousand dollars, Carbine Studios has partnered with LEGO artist Mariann Asanuma to recreate the Wildstar rocket house in all of its blocky glory. The structure stands three feet high and four […]

Zenimax Realtime Bans

It looks like Zenimax is ramping up their efforts against gold farmers in The Elder Scrolls Online. Intrepid explorer Necropsie over at the forums snapped a screenshot in-game of a game master announcing to the area to step away from the boss or be slain. Presumably those slain by the GM would have their […]

City of Titans Sets Sights Past Pre-Production

Missing Worlds Media took to the news to announce that their flagship title, City of Titans, is nearing the end of pre-production. The short letter talks about crafting respawn systems, battling the new Unreal engine, as well as importing Learner’s Cove, the game’s planned tutorial area. Named after noted pirate Captain James Edward Learner, Learner’s […]

Awards and Success Are Not Interchangeable

There is some discussion going around the internet about how ArcheAge has performed and whether or not the game has “failed,” which is most assuredly has by one person’s standards or another. While I don’t know for sure how Archeage is performing following the game’s launch in Japan and Russia, I can tell you that […]

Early Access: Shadowrun Online

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, I finally had the chance to sit down with the early access version of Shadowrun Online. If you missed the campaign or didn’t want to get involved for one reason or another, you can grab early access at Steam for $30 at the following link. Make no mistake, this is […]

Zenimax Admits False Positives In Mass Bans

Zenimax Studios has announced that an investigation following a recent mass ban resulted in a number of false positives discovered and reversed. While the forum post in question did not mention just how many accounts were caught by accident, it did report that players identified should have had their bans lifted as of last night. As […]

Elder Scrolls Online: Fall Through World And Get Banned?

Be careful when traveling through the lands of Tamriel. According to a growing number of reports on the official Elder Scrolls forums as well as third party websites, players are experiencing situations where their character is either falling through geometry or being catapulted off of the world and into the abyss below. I personally experienced […]

MMOrning Shots: Village of Heroes

Today’s MMOrning Shot comes to us from Mad Otter Games, whose free to play title Villagers & Heroes is now available on Steam. Players are encouraged to cooperate in this MMO with player-created towns and sandbox-style crafting. How do the towns work, you ask? The towns of Villagers and Heroes are not merely set-pieces. They […]