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RuneScape Companion App Available

Jagex has announced that the RuneScape companion app is now available on iOS and Android devices. Having the companion app gives mobile access to the game’s grand exchange auction house, notifies players when purchases/sales are complete, track in-game activity timers, and chat with their clan. Even if you don’t have a smartphone or tablet, you […]

Trion Worlds Denies Security Breach

If you’ve been following ArcheAge discussion, you’re likely aware of a surge in player claims that their accounts were being subjected to unauthorized attempts to purchase the ArcheAge founders pack. Community Manager Scapes has responded to the allegations by stating that Trion Worlds has not been breached and the purchase attempts are a symptom of […]

Wildstar To Address Server Population

Carbine Studios has revealed over Twitter that an update is coming to address population issues on servers. No more details are available at this time. @GuildUMBRA @tonyrey @Pappylicious @WildStar we are working on some tech regarding that issue. You should hear about it soon. — Stephan Frost (@StephanFrost) August 25, 2014 (Source: Twitter)

SOE Devs Read Calm, Intelligent Tweets

Given that the internet is well known as a place of social interaction, it stands to reason that only the sociable of us would make use of its services. Sony Online Entertainment has celebrated this by posting a video where developers read calm, intelligent, well thought out tweets by players with a firm grasp of […]

How City of Heroes Could Have Avoided The Press

I’ve known about negotiations between unnamed buyers and NCSoft to purchase City of Heroes, the fact that attempts to buy the game have been ongoing since it shut down in 2012 should be of little surprise to anyone given the game’s fiercely loyal fanbase and revenue margin. I haven’t run any stories on it, and […]

Hellgate On Steam Greenlight

For a game that has been in maintenance mode since 2012, Hellgate Global is a very fun title and completely free now that the full game and Tokyo expansion are available for free. In an effort to expand the game’s audience to those who have never heard of it or assumed that the game was still […]

Next ArcheAge Test Coming August 22nd

ArcheAge beta tests are like the McRib, they only come around for a little while and the next event is always sooner than you think. Whether you’re itching to get in for the first time or have already tested ArcheAge and are hungry for more (or have to wait out your prison sentence), you’ll be […]

Perfect World Entertainment Posts Q2 2014 Finances

Perfect World Entertainment has posted their second quarter income for 2014 and the results are looking pretty good. For the second quarter, total revenues amounted to $149.6 million USD, an increase by about 4% over last quarter. Gross profit similarly increased by a small margin to $109.4 million with operating profit decreased nearly 30% to […]

MMOrning Shots: Reaper Of Souls

Today’s MMOrning Shot comes to us from RuneScape, for today’s Grim Reaper update. Soul Reaper tasks players with culling the world’s population of boss monsters for the Grim Reaper, in return for points that can be spent on rewards. Rewards include various items and buffs to assist players and make death less punishing. Survive to […]

NCSoft Q2 2014 Finances

NCSoft has posted their second quarter finances for 2014 and the results are looking good across the board. Thanks to strong launches including Guild Wars 2 in China and Wildstar in the US and EU, NCSoft saw a 20% increase in sales, a 46% increase in profit, and a 45% increase in net income over […]