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Broadsword Aims For Steam

Broadsword Online is continuing its work to revitalize Ultima Online and Dark Age of Camelot, with the announcement that it is seeking to have both titles released on Steam. Players can put their vote in at the links below. There will be no cost to buy a base game for either title, however both still […]

Guild Wars 2 Rolls Out Megaserver Tech

Arenanet has rolled out the first areas for the new megaserver technology. As reported a couple of weeks ago, today’s patch saw the launch of new megaserver technology in Guild Wars 2, allowing players to fight alongside each other in certain zones regardless of their home world. No more dead zones and no more overflow. […]

Darkfall Lays Out Vision and Direction

Aventurine has announced today that the developer has realigned itself to get back on track with their original vision for a sandbox PvP MMO where risk dictates reward and massive battles carry more meaning. As part of its realignment sessions, Darkfall will undergo a series of updates over the coming weeks. Top priority is the […]

Face of Mankind Open Beta Starts April 18th

Following its successful Kickstarter campaign and closed beta testing period, Face of Mankind will be entering open beta on April 18th according to the latest announcement by Nexeon. Players eager to get in can register their account and start downloading the client now. On April 16th, we will be wiping the Closed Beta and giving […]

Development Ceases On Pantheon

Visionary Realms has announced that development on Pantheon has slowed to a halt, noting that the initial funding has been depleted and the studio can no longer guarantee paychecks to its employees. The post on the official website states that development has “slowed down,” while a tweet from KTAM Radio that was retweeted by Brad […]

RuneScape Legacy Mode Detailed

Back in February, Jagex revealed details on the upcoming Legacy Mode for RuneScape, aiming to bring back players who weren’t happy with the Evolution of Combat update. Legacy Mode allows players to enjoy the modern RuneScape with much of the old systems still in place, including bringing back the old combat system and special attacks. […]

Zenimax Bans Thousands Of Cheaters

Beware all cheaters who enter through this gate, for your dastardly deeds have sealed your fate. Zenimax Studios has announced that “thousands” of cheaters have been exiled from Tamriel as a result of a sweeping ban that targeted bots, spammers, and speed hackers. The announcement notes that many of these bans are thanks to reports […]

Surprise: SOE’s New MMO Is A Zombie Sandbox

Surprise! We’ve known this is coming since Sony Online Entertainment first registered a trademark for H1Z1, but the cat is finally out of the bag. SOE officially announced H1Z1, a zombie sandbox MMO set to release its first public-playable version within the next four to six weeks. The game will see players scavenging stores and […]

Super Data Research: ARPU In Shooters

Superdata Research has once again come around with new insight into the industry. This time, the marketing group has come up with a list showcasing the average revenue per user of the top free to play shooters on the market. The list notes that games like League of Legends have nine players for every person […]

SOE Revealing New Game Today

John Smedley posted on Twitter earlier today to reveal that an unannounced game is set to be revealed later on this evening, with gameplay footage to show. Watch tmw between 5-6pm PST if you are interested in the new game we haven’t announced. there is gameplay footage. Smedley later tweeted that players will be able to […]