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Project Gorgon Makes Another Kickstarter Run

Project Gorgon is a fantasy MMO set to launch on PC, Mac, and eventually Linux. You may remember the game from its previous attempt at Kickstarter, at which developer Eric Heimburg (who worked on both Asheron’s Calls and the never-surfaced Star Trek Online by Perpetual Entertainment) missed a goal of $55 thousand. Heimburg’s wife, Sandra […]

City of Titans Breaks $675,000 As Clock Hits Midnight

  Missing Worlds Media never stood a chance of failure, not if its devoted community has anything to say about it. As the sun sets on the City of Titans Kickstarter campaign, the team comes out with a grand total of over six hundred seventy five thousand dollars. That level of pledge ensures the release […]

City of Titans Interview At Worlds Factory

City of Titans, formerly The Phoenix Project, has blown through its Kickstarter goal and currently sits well over four hundred thousand with twenty days left to go in the campaign. Our friends over at Worlds Factory managed to get a word in with Chris “Warcabbit” Hare from Missing Worlds Media to give a few more […]

City of Titans Kickstarter Hits 50% At Day One

It is nearly 1:30am EST at the time of this writing. After just a day on Kickstarter, Missing Worlds Media’s funding drive for City of Titans has raked in over $150,000 with the money just pouring in. With success seemingly in the bag, Missing Worlds Media has 31 of its 32 days left to make […]

The Phoenix Project Teases Us

Missing Worlds Media loves to tease us. If you don’t know, The Phoenix Project is one of several spiritual upcoming super hero MMOs inspired by the shuttering of City of Heroes. This month (September), the team at MWM will be launching a Kickstarter to provide their MMO with some real funding. Until then, enjoy a […]

Missing Worlds Media Kickstarter Coming September 8th

City of Heroes is one of those games that the phrase “nothing like it on the market” was designed for. When NCSoft closed down Paragon Studios and shut down City of Heroes, its community was left with essentially two choices of super hero MMOs: Champions Online and DC Universe. While Champions Online has a pretty […]

I Love Kickstarter Fraud: World History Online

I Love Kickstarter Fraud is one of my favorite segments here at MMO Fallout, because I’ve said many times that if Kickstarter can be depended on for at least one thing, it is a collection of scams about as subtle as a moving freight train, and about as difficult to avoid. Case in point, let’s […]

Face of Mankind’s Successful Kickstarter

Face of Mankind is a game of player interaction, an open faction system and player-driven economy in a completely dynamic universe. Fall of the Dominion is a restructuring of Face of Mankind, transforming the MMO and bringing it into a new decade with player-created factions, improved combat capabilities, crafting, exploration, progression, and more. Nexeon Technologies […]

Worlds Factory Interviews Nerd Kingdom on TUG MMO

What is TUG? TUG is a single and multiplayer survival sandbox game offering massive procedurally generated worlds drawing from Minecraft, Fable, Dwarf Fortress, Eve Online, and more. The game will feature many of the things you’ve come to love from a game like Minecraft, with the addition of integrated modding support, pet companions, and more. […]

Face of Mankind Kickstarting An Overhaul

Face of Mankind is one of those games that most of you have likely tried at one point, or at the very least heard about it as a concept. The game relies almost solely on player interaction, between individuals and the factions that they represent. Alliances come and go, as do wars, and territories change […]