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Whatever Happened To: Hello Kitty Online

Considering the recent library of kid-friendly MMOs shutting down, I decided to check in our friends at Sanrio Town and see how Hello Kitty Online was doing after all these years. We don’t talk about games like Hello Kitty Online much here at MMO Fallout, except to point to the company’s knack for charity work, […]

Player Operated Gentleman Clubs In Elder Scrolls Online

According to Matt Firor of Zenimax Studios, Elder Scrolls Online will not have a pre-installed gentleman’s club. Fans of the series will recall that in Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, players could visit Desele’s House of Earthly Pleasures. Not as popular a location as Mehrune’s House of Strider Sausage and Goat Cheese, but that’s beside the […]

I Don’t Think Divergence Is A Serious Game

Divergence Online is the next up and coming hardcore indie sandbox, and you can go ahead and stop reading there if you are as tired of that sentence as I am. Maybe it is the four years of writing MMO Fallout that has made me jaded, but when I hear about an indie hardcore sandbox […]

Disney Shutting Down Its Less Popular MMOs

Disney appears to be cleaning house with some of their less popular MMOs. The company announced today that both Toontown and Pirates of the Caribbean Online will be shutting down on September 19th, just a month away. Both games have already stopped accepting payments and have opened their doors to be played for free until […]

Tips For Fans #476: Obnoxious Advertising

Developers are in no way responsible for the actions of their users, unless said developer is actively¬†encouraging said behavior. With that in mind, this tip is specifically for the fans. Spamming forums (as pictured below) doesn’t make your game more appealing. As far as viral advertising goes, it is likely the least effective and most […]

Gameforge Shutting Down RaiderZ Europe

As the MMO market continues its march towards heavy saturation, it is our duty at MMO Fallout to inform you whenever another title sees its services come to an end. Gameforge has announced that they will be shutting down all support for the action MMO RaiderZ in its hosted territories. As Gameforge is merely the […]

When Aggressive Becomes Offensive

I want to discuss something that’s been on my mind for a while, and it revolves around MMOrning Shots: aggressive developers. As many of you already know, MMOrning Shots is a screenshot column primarily sourced from press releases sent over to us by various developers, publishers, and their PR firms. When I started the column, […]

Massive Action Game Shuts Down 1/28/14

In all honesty, the incoming demise of Massive Action Game has been written on the walls ever since it descended to the sub-bargain bin of Gamestop where the representative gives you the choice between a free copy of the game or being shot in the chest with a pistol. In fact, you can currently pick […]

Kartuga Is Dead: InnoGames Shutting It Down

In the line of quality, the MMO Kartuga ranks on InnoGame’s list somewhere between “good enough to monetize” but below “good enough to finish development.” Sure, Kartuga was already asking for money, but that doesn’t mean that its publishers have any plans to see it through to completion. You should know this by now, stalwart […]

Major Development Ends On Tribes: Ascend

Major updates have ceased for Tribes: Ascend, as confirmed today by Todd Harris over at Hi-Rez Studios. Instead, the developer of the fast paced shooter is focusing its efforts on launching their upcoming MOBA game, SMITE, as well as the continued development of the sequel to Global Agenda, also known as Global Agenda 2. As […]