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Crowdfunding Fraudsters Update: Indiegogo Sends RCL To Collections

Let’s get one thing straight: The Spectrum Vega Plus does not exist and Retro Computers Ltd. has lied every step of the way. On to the story. It seems as though the long saga of Retro Computers Ltd. is finally reaching its tired, stretched far too long, conclusion. This month, RCL was given a simple […]


Chaturday: You Can’t Download A Console (Yet)

The Pach is Bach! I have a particular affinity for Michael Pachter, partially because he gives me hope in my qualifications of becoming a respected analyst for the gaming industry ala Michael Pachter but without the few products I’ve assisted with being market failures, ala Leigh Alexander. Pachter isn’t right with his predictions all of […]

Crowdfunding Mini-Update: Retro Computers Ltd Shop Is Open, Product Is Nonexistent

The ZX Spectrum Vega is now available for pre-order for those of you who didn’t get in on the original Indiegogo campaign two years ago for the product that is now more than a year and a half past its expected shipping date. For the low cost of £139.99, you too can secure yourself a recreation […]

The Best MMO Driving Games

While the MMO market might be dominated by RPGs, there are a surprising number of titles in this genre which focus on four-wheeled racing action. So if you’re sick of battling orcs and dying on boss raids, here are some of the best MMO driving games that offer a change of pace. Crossout Like many […]

Impressions: Torn on Android

I live in a detached house somewhere in the city. My clothes consist of a pair of trainers I found in the dump, some leather clothes I bought at the local clothing store, and a crowbar and Glock 17 that I carry around for personal safety. My job as a bag boy at the local […]

Jagex Will Shut Down FunOrb In August

It’s been eight years since Jagex ceased development of FunOrb, and the developer this week announced that the service will be coming to an end later this year. The decision, according to the announcement, comes down to changes in hardware and software leading to FunOrb’s library of games becoming increasingly difficult to access. Over the […]

Chaturday: But the Cash Shop Works Fantastically

I read a piece this past week questioning if the bad boy developer image is dead and boy do I sure hope so. For the most part, I believe that attaching names to games is going away, and I think the facts would back me up on that. Let’s be frank on one thing regarding […]

[Guest] Do You Think Gaming Addiction Is An Issue?

When was the last time you found yourself frustrated while gaming late night, because you couldn’t finish a level? If you often find yourself in such situations, You could be addicted to video games. “Video Game dependency” is a term that has been coined in the recent times by psychologists and media outlets. As the […]

Chaturday: Thinking Back To Far Cry 5

(Editor’s Note: Some spoilers for Far Cry 5 abound) I enjoyed Far Cry 5 in the same way one enjoys a triple cheeseburger from McDonald’s. It was tasty and filling and pretty much exactly what I was looking for at the time that I bought it, but I wasn’t exactly seeking depth of character and […]

Column: Stripped Down For Belgium, A Post-Lootbox Ruling

Rest in peace, Belgium gaming. That’s hyperbole. This week Belgium declared that lootboxes in the fashion of Counter Strike: GO and Overwatch constitute illegal gambling, threatening their associated developers with monetary fines and jail sentences if they don’t comply. This week and the following weeks will no doubt consist of executives meeting with lawyers in […]