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Weekend Wrapper: Still Not E3 Edition

This week marks a special occasion here at MMO Fallout, in that once again I am branching out. Check out the first episode of my weekly movie review podcast, Direct 2 Netflix. If you enjoy it, please subscribe and keep listening. We’ll have new episodes out hopefully every Monday. As usual, the weekend wrapper looks […]

This Week In Review: Pledge This

I hate clip shows, so much that I’ve never given much bother to a weekly wrapup here at MMO Fallout. So instead of devoting the week in review to reestablishing topics we’ve already talked about, I want to give some time to pieces that I did not cover. So let’s check out the news, shall […]

Week In Review: Sony Offline Entertainment

I’ve discovered a newfound love for Ultima Forever. Once you carve out the ridiculous cash shop mechanics, get rid of gear degradation, and drop gold keys like they’re candy, the game is a lot of fun to play. It’s almost disappointing that Electronic Arts will be shutting down Ultima Forever on August 29th, but it’s […]