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Broadsword Aims For Steam

Broadsword Online is continuing its work to revitalize Ultima Online and Dark Age of Camelot, with the announcement that it is seeking to have both titles released on Steam. Players can put their vote in at the links below. There will be no cost to buy a base game for either title, however both still […]

Guild Wars 2 Rolls Out Megaserver Tech

Arenanet has rolled out the first areas for the new megaserver technology. As reported a couple of weeks ago, today’s patch saw the launch of new megaserver technology in Guild Wars 2, allowing players to fight alongside each other in certain zones regardless of their home world. No more dead zones and no more overflow. […]

Darkfall Lays Out Vision and Direction

Aventurine has announced today that the developer has realigned itself to get back on track with their original vision for a sandbox PvP MMO where risk dictates reward and massive battles carry more meaning. As part of its realignment sessions, Darkfall will undergo a series of updates over the coming weeks. Top priority is the […]

Darkfall Changing Territory Control

Aventurine has revealed details regarding some upcoming changes to the territory control system in Darkfall Unholy Wars, set to change the world as you know it. Set for implementation by the time you read this article, control points will now exert an area of influence, each of whom offer their own set of buffs in […]

NCSoft Lowering Hero Coin Costs

Lineage II’s Hero Coin program launched approximately three months ago to some heavy criticism over the outrageously expensive reward system. As players spend more NCoin, they receive Hero Coins that can be spent on items in the reward store. We began to question just how much NCSoft expects some of its players will spend, as […]

Guild Wars 2′s Megaservers

April 15th sees the launch of the latest content pack from Guild Wars 2, and Arenanet is finally ready to show off the last major feature to be added: Megaservers. Under this new system, players will no longer be separated into separate versions of the same map based on their home world, but rather will […]

Eldevin Launching First Expansion

Hunted Cow Studios has announced the first expansion for Eldevin, titled A Tale of Sands and Shards, is set for release on April 3rd. Sands and Shards increases the level cap and skill cap to 45, bringing with it new recipes, abilities, and more. The expansion will also see the launch of five new zones […]

Neverwinter Infographic

Perfect World Entertainment has sent us over an infographic on Neverwinter since the launch of Shadowmantle. Over 2.2 million characters have been created and 3.5 million have died in PvP battles. Check out the entire infographic below.

Final Fantasy XIV 16-Bit Boss Battle

What would Final Fantasy XIV look like if Square Enix never left 16-bit? Square Enix knows, and wants to show us in the following video which shows a team of warriors battling Titan, one of the bosses in FFXIV. Can the internet bring us a 16 bit demake of Final Fantasy XIV? I can always […]