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Design A Costume In Champions Online

Do you have a great idea for a costume? Want to see that costume available in Champions Online for others to enjoy? Cryptic Studios has announced a costume design contest where one winner will see their creation available for purchase within the Champions Online cash shop. Throughout the next few weeks players can submit their […]

City of Titans in Full Preproduction

City of Titans is one of the spiritual successors to City of Heroes currently in development. In a recent announcement, Missing Worlds Media revealed the new board elected to oversee operations and ensure that the project makes its way to completion on schedule. To serve on Missing Worlds Media’s board, we have chosen five highly […]

Marvel Heroes Mac Beta Signups

Gazillion Entertainment has announced that users are now welcome to sign up to beta test the Mac client for Marvel Heroes. Launch for the Mac client is set for later on this Spring, but users can sign up now to beta test. Check out the link below for more information on how to sign up. […]

Marvel Heroes Has Ten Year License

Gamers who follow the news are understandably concerned over the state of Marvel Heroes. The new year brought with it a purge of Marvel titles from digital stores, games sold by Activision, Capcom, and others were unceremoniously removed and it appears are not coming back. Granted, not that many of them were good, but that’s […]

Marvel Heroes Adding More Villains

Marvel Heroes continues expanding its roster of heroes, and now even villains. In a post on the official website, Gazillion announced that players can get their hands on an advance pack, including Dr Strange, Juggernaut, Magneto, Moon Knight, Nightcrawler, Psylocke, Silver Surfer, Sue Storm, Star-lord, and Venom. The advance pack also offers two additional characters […]

MMOrning Shots: Heroes & Villains

Today’s MMOrning Shot comes to us from Heroes and Villains, a spiritual sequel to City of Heroes in development by the folks at Plan Z Virtual Studio. This is a rather early build of Plan Z’s character creation tool, although as you can see from the image above, work is coming along great on my […]

Automatic Veteran Rewards For Champions Online Lifetime Subscribers

  As a token of thanks to players, Cryptic Studios has announced that anyone who purchases a lifetime subscription will receive all veteran awards immediately, regardless of how old their account is. This applies to all lifetime holders, old and new, and includes other exclusives like extra costume and character slots. Veteran rewards are issued […]

MMOrning Shots: DC Universe

  Today’s MMOrning Shot comes from DC Universe Update 31. Set for release in November, Update 31 brings with it a number of upgrades to prepare the game for launch on the PlayStation 4, including graphical boosts, a new smoother leveling system, and plenty of under the hood updates. Check it out when it goes […]

Marvel Heroes Adds Its First Playable Villain

  Marvel Heroes is poised to add its first playable villain in an upcoming update set to launch alongside the release of Thor: The Dark World. Yes, the next playable character will be Loki himself, god of mischief. Loki’s default outfit will be straight from the film, and his power set is based around illusion, […]

DC Universe Remastered Is Coming

Sony Online Entertainment has posted the latest Producer Letter detailing the upcoming Update 31 and gearing up for launch on the PlayStation 4. What does Update 31 entail? On a high level, that means a sweeping, game-wide graphical upgrade, a massive design effort to polish and remaster the core leveling game, and a host of […]