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City of Steam Merging US Servers

City of Steam developer Mechanist Games has announced that the three US servers will be merged into one, bringing gamers together and dealing with waning populations. The merger is set to take place on October 21st and is expected to require four to five hours of downtime. Players from servers 2 and 3 will receive […]

Pirates of the Burning Sea Registration Opens

Pirates of the Burning Sea is being rebuilt! At least that’s what the lizard people ushering in the new world order want you to think. Way back when, Flying Lab Software announced that they were parting ways with Sony Online Entertainment and moving their game over to Portalus Games. Since then, everything has been rather […]

Side Quest Returns In Open Alpha

Oh Side Quest, how long have I pined for your loving embrace? Quite a while, according to my schedule. Last year, Side Quest became something of a love interest here at MMO Fallout, we were instantly taken by the game’s charm, wit, and oddly engaging gameplay for a concept so simple. Side Quest is an […]

Side Quest Hits Kickstarter Again

I love Side Quest, as many of you are fully aware. During the few months that the game was open to the public for early development testing, I can honestly say that I played it more than any other game in my library, much to my enjoyment and the dismay of whoever had to field […]

Titan Icon Unlocks City of Heroes Creator Offline

The City of Heroes servers may be offline, but why should that stop you from getting in some Paragon City nostalgia? I’m not talking about some weak slideshow or compilation video either, I’m talking a cold hard client with some real play to it. Enter our friends at Titan Network, who recently unveiled Titan Icon. […]

Xsyon Unveils Economy Patch

Xsyon has announced its first major update for 2013. The update that deployed today focuses on tribal totems, tribe upkeep, and crafting revisions. Players will be happy to see that it is now possible to set up a trading post with their tribe, selling items that they crafted in return for local tribal currencies. In […]

Dino Storm Redefines Combat

In my review of Dino Storm, I pointed out that the game has a fantastic concept (cowboys on dinosaurs) but the execution was a little rigid. To say that there aren’t a whole lot of abilities in Dino Storm is an overstatement, there are just enough to not be considered┬ánegligible. So it is exciting to […]

Greed Monger Is Back On UNITY

Greed Monger is the upcoming sandbox MMO being created by Electric Crow Games and the subject of a very successful Kickstarter project just a few months ago. Originally set on the UNITY engine, at some point the folks at Electric Crow Games decided to switch over to the HERO engine, which many of you will […]

Greed Monger Threatens With Lawsuit, Game Unlisted

Greed Monger has been completely unlisted from following a request from Electric Crow Games. According to Managing Editor Bill Murphy, the MMO news website was contacted with a request to remove negative posts, with legal action against the website threatened if the requests were not made.’s policy is to completely remove a game’s […]

Star Vault Releases Q4 Income

Star Vault has released their fourth quarter releases for 2012, and the news isn’t all bad. Net sales lowered to 463,307 Krona ($72 thousand, approximately) from 501,252 Krona ($78 thousand) in the third quarter. Net profits continued deeper into the red at -895,699 ($140 thousand, approximately) from 706,844 in the third quarter ($110 thousand). The […]