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Whatever Happened To: Hello Kitty Online

Considering the recent library of kid-friendly MMOs shutting down, I decided to check in our friends at Sanrio Town and see how Hello Kitty Online was doing after all these years. We don’t talk about games like Hello Kitty Online much here at MMO Fallout, except to point to the company’s knack for charity work, […]

ROBLOX The Great And Powerful

When I first discussed ROBLOX, I referred to it as a virtual toy box, as if someone took a box full of Lego bricks and made them sentient and programmable. It isn’t an MMORPG along the lines of World of Warcraft, but it can be if the right person is doing the building. It isn’t […]

MMOrning Shots: Dynamic Lighting

The ROBLOX team never fails to amaze me with their continued updates to the game engine, making player creations look better and function on a whole new level with each iteration. It is incredible how much better an image looks with a little ambient lighting and shadows. The above creation is Cold Fusion by Spacek531. […]

MMOrning Shots: ROBLOX Tornado

I’m not sure why I find ROBLOX’s many “survive the disaster” servers so endearing, but I do. Today’s creation comes to us from stickmasterlukeĀ and has, if nothing else, reintroduced my old fear of lightning. Or maybe it’s just because, as a child, I was trapped in a building for a short thirty seconds while lightning […]

KingsIsle Reducing Free To Play Accessibility In Pirate101

If the title has you scratching your head, you aren’t alone. Generally whenever we hear about an MMO changing the manner in which its free players enjoy the game, it is to open up more content or to allow accessibility into more features. Very rarely do we see the pay wall be pushed backward rather […]

ROBLOX Honors Erik Cassel With Charity Drive For Cancer Research

It is never easy to say goodbye to a friend or co-worker. Erik Cassel was the co-founder of ROBLOX, along with David Baszucki. Unfortunately, Erik passed away on February 11th, following a battle with cancer. To show their support and to remember Erik, players attended a memorial held within ROBLOX the following day on February […]


Roblox is already the number one entertainment site for kids, with over 9.8 million creations and over one billion page views and 29 million hours of game played every month. So how does Roblox become more popular? It’s simple, stupid. Release on the iOS! Roblox is now available for the iOS. The app brings with […]

Sony Announces Player Studio: Create Items For Everquest

Sony Online Entertainment has done it again. Last night, John Smedley tweeted that there were two major announcements coming Thursday and Friday. No, they aren’t the shutting down of Planetside (nor are they the acquisition of Paragon Studios, so stop asking). The first major announcement, released today, involves the Everquest games, Vanguard, and Free Realms. […]

ROBLOX Shows Off iPad Version

ROBLOX on the iPad might have a ways to go, but the version shown above appears to be running quite smoothly.

Roblox Teams Up With LEGO

It’s been a while since we last heard from ROBLOX, but today’s news should come as a pleasant surprise to ex-Lego Universe players. In a press release, ROBLOX has announced a partnership with LEGO to bring the Hero Factory brand to the popular kid’s MMO. Players take the role of Stringer or Volix, two characters […]