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Wild Buster Relaunching Under New Publisher As Champions of Titan

Wild Buster hasn’t had such great success on Steam, especially after Valve severed its ties to Insel Games over that whole fraudulent review fiasco and removed their entire library from the platform. In response to the lack of simoleons flowing in and likely several angry phone calls with developer Nuri Works, Insel Games has agreed […]


505 Games Reveals Memories of Mars: Open World Survival Shooter

Limbic Entertainment has released the latest trailer for Memories of Mars, an open world survival game set on none other than the red planet itself. Memories of Mars will task players with surviving the harsh conditions of the planetary surface, competing with other players and fending off the wildlife as they build their home away […]

505 Games Details No Man’s Sky Xbox One Launch

505 Games this week revealed the official launch date for No Man’s Sky on the Xbox One. The title will launch in North America on July 24 and in Europe on July 27 and will include a major update that will also hit the Playstation and PC versions of the game. Dubbed No Man’s Sky […]

Wild West Online On PvE “They Have Literally Nothing To Do And Never Will”

Wild West Online launched to mostly negative reviews and a peak of 559 players on Steam that has since continually dwindled downward. In a post on the official forums, 612 Games is pitching ideas on overhauling certain aspects of the game including the faction systems and offering players activities that aren’t devoted to just shooting […]

Lord of the Rings Online Lays Out 2018 And Beyond

Standing Stone Games Executive Producer Severlin posted a short announcement on the Lord of the Rings Online forums this week detailing the company’s plans for the title going forward into the rest of 2018 and beyond. The post talks about changes to classes, festivals, and more, including the coming update that will take adventurers to […]

Boss Key Shuts Down After Radical Heights Flounders

Following its launch into “extreme early access” after five months of development, Radical Heights developer Boss Key has announced that it is going into extreme defunct mode. Big boss Cliff Bleszinski released an announcement on Twitter today noting that the servers for Radical Heights will remain online for the near future, however the studio itself […]

GamersFirst Now Owned By Little Orbit

GamersFirst announced this week that it has been acquired by developer Little Orbit, with new CEO Matt Scott addressing the communities of APB and Fallen Earth to detail their plans for the future. “There’s been a lot of speculation over the last couple months about who would be crazy enough to take on this game. […]

PSA: Get Gloria Victis For Less Than Five Bucks

For nearly two weeks, you can get your hands on Gloria Victis for less than five dollars. The Humble War Gamez Bundle is up and running and you can get your hands on a number of titles for more than the average price, $4.29 as of this writing, and pick up fantasy MMO Gloria Victis […]

Alpha Signups Open For Rend, Open World Survival Game

Starting today, players will be able to get their hands on the invite-only alpha test for Rend, an upcoming faction-based fantasy survival game from Frostkeep Studios. Frostkeep is a new independent studio made up of a number of industry veterans from World of Warcraft, Overwatch, League of Legends, and more. Launching into early access later […]

Denial of Service: US Judge Sentences Warcraft DDoS Attacker To Prison

The odds of getting caught while firing off denial of service attacks against corporate servers may be low, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that the act is any less criminal. Romanian citizen Calin Mateias found that lesson out the hard way when a judge issued a one year prison sentence and $30,000 in […]