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Wargaming Sues Chinese Developer Over World of Tanks Ripoff

There are only two certainties in life: Death, and that if there is a product in existence, China has ripped it off and claimed it as its own. Now you can find a ripoff of just about anything in China, including MMO Fallout as I recently discovered. Litigation against these companies is generally extremely difficult, […]

Jagex: Profits And Investors, Not Doing A Crap Job

RuneScape’s roots go back ten years, to 2001 where the game was a simple at home project by Andrew Gower. With the Gowers now mostly absent (they resigned from the Board of Directors in December 2010), the torch has been passed to Mark Gerhard to keep the developer moving in its upward trend. Granted, Jagex […]

Star Vault Summons League of Extraordinary Investors For Meeting

The Board proposes that the AGM resolve in order to enable the Board to provide the company with working capital to authorize the Board, during the period until the next AGM, to decide on the issue of a maximum a number of shares and / or convertible bonds and / or warrants entitling to convert […]

NCSoft, Nexon, Others Relieved Of Identity Attacks…

Over in Korea, players have a lot more to lose when a company leaks their information. Unlike in most other countries, players are often required to register to MMOs with the Korean equivalent of the social security number, and more than once data leaks have resulted in these numbers being readily available for the gaming […]

In Plain English: Why ScapeGaming Was Singled Out

Private servers being shut down is nothing new, and as much as players like to discuss the legality of them, at the end of the day they are illegal. Now, being illegal and warranting action are two separate things. Lawyers cost a lot of money (generally around $500 an hour), so paying a lawyer to […]

The MMO Turing Test: Five Years

I came upon this decision months ago, but I’ve been sitting on it until someone pointed out my hint, and they did in an email I received: I see you updated your calendar showing MMO birthdays, but only titles that are five years old and older are displayed. Is there a reason for this? Or […]

Real Money Trading In Korea: In Plain English

In violation of my court order to only use the gold image a maximum of twice on the front page, many MMOers are probably aware of South Korea ruling that real money trading, the conversion of digital cash to real cash, is now legal. Your gold pieces, kinah, plats, gil, influence, adena, credits, ISK, whatever […]

Runes of Magic: Credit Card/Paypal Blocks In Plain English

I wanted to have a slightly more serious conversation about a certain title that has garnered quite a bit of controversy around it by outside players and its community. I am, of course, referencing to the newly instated Diamond policy that restricts what players can do with diamonds purchased through certain avenues. Diamonds are a […]

Bethesda Vs Interplay: In Plain English

I know there are some avid Fallout Wiki readers who already know about this, but the rest of you might want to listen up. While the MMO community has had a good laugh over the past few months calling Fallen Earth the “Fallout MMO,” what many of them are not aware of is that there […]