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I Love Kickstarter Fraud: World History Online

I Love Kickstarter Fraud is one of my favorite segments here at MMO Fallout, because I’ve said many times that if Kickstarter can be depended on for at least one thing, it is a collection of scams about as subtle as a moving freight train, and about as difficult to avoid. Case in point, let’s […]

Face of Mankind’s Successful Kickstarter

Face of Mankind is a game of player interaction, an open faction system and player-driven economy in a completely dynamic universe. Fall of the Dominion is a restructuring of Face of Mankind, transforming the MMO and bringing it into a new decade with player-created factions, improved combat capabilities, crafting, exploration, progression, and more. Nexeon Technologies […]

Worlds Factory Interviews Nerd Kingdom on TUG MMO

What is TUG? TUG is a single and multiplayer survival sandbox game offering massive procedurally generated worlds drawing from Minecraft, Fable, Dwarf Fortress, Eve Online, and more. The game will feature many of the things you’ve come to love from a game like Minecraft, with the addition of integrated modding support, pet companions, and more. […]

Face of Mankind Kickstarting An Overhaul

Face of Mankind is one of those games that most of you have likely tried at one point, or at the very least heard about it as a concept. The game relies almost solely on player interaction, between individuals and the factions that they represent. Alliances come and go, as do wars, and territories change […]

Keeping Up With Kickstarter

After several months of rehab from Kickstarter, I think it’s safe to talk about some of the MMOs that are seeking funding without opening my wallet and throwing heaps of cash into them. It’s been a pretty interesting past few months for Kickstarter in all respects, including that of the MMO world. If you haven’t […]

Kickstarter Updates: Old And New

1. SideQuest: Unfunded If SideQuest does end up being funded successfully, I will gladly tip my hat and sell MMO Fallout to the highest bidder (minimum bid starts at $400,000), but with fifty hours left to go as of this publishing and only sixteen hundred collected of the ten thousand required, the prospects are looking […]

Kickstarter Implements New Rules To Protect Users

Kickstarter is not a store, and the folks at Kickstarter Inc want potential backers to know this without question. In the Kickstarter articles here at MMO Fallout, I’ve made a point in reminding viewers that making a pledge is a risk, closer to investing in a company than pre-ordering a game. Regardless, there are a […]

More MMO Kickstarters To Watch Out For

Whenever I talk about Kickstarter projects, I always do so with a simple warning: Kickstarter is a crowd-funding tool for projects that may or may not see the light of day. You are acting as investor, and should be aware that the projects you fund may run into problems and never be completed. Whenever you […]

Kickstarter: The Repopulation

The Repopulation currently has 27 days to go (until July 2nd) and has reached nearly nine thousand of its twenty five thousand dollar goal. Sandbox MMO? You have my attention. Player-created cities ala Star Wars Galaxies? You have my money. Three faction PvP with territory conquest ala Dark Age of Camelot? You have my pledge. […]

Kickstarters For You: Pathfinder Online

Pathfinder Online has been featured here at MMO Fallout several times, mostly to discuss the more hardcore routes that the themepark/sandbox hybrid would like to take. From old Everquest corpse runs to bounty systems and everything in between, Pathfinder is the dream of some well known names in the gaming  and role playing businesses. From […]