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Wild Terra: Find Bugs, Earn Rewards

Juvty¬†developer wants your help in weeding out bugs in Wild Terra, and they’re willing to reward those who do step up and pledge their assistance. In the latest announcement sent out by the Wild Terra crew, Juvty Worlds announced that players who submit detailed information about bugs and vulnerabilities can be eligible for rewards, including […]

FFXIV Drops 90 Day Subscriptions For PS3

We all know that the days of Final Fantasy XIV are coming to an end so far as the Playstation 3 is concerned. With less than 90 days on the radar coming up, it makes sense that Square Enix would stop selling 90 day subscription cards, which they plan on doing after March 18. Furthermore, […]

Hearthstone Tells Non-Americans To Pay Up: How Prices Are Changing Worldwide

The Hearthstone community is responding with frustration as Blizzard announced that the price of card packs in countries that are not America are set to rise, some as high as 30%. Announced via the Hearthstone¬†forums, one can find a list of new prices set to go into effect on March 22 in countries all over […]

Blizzard Promises Bans For Overwatch AFKers

Blizzard has put AFKers on notice: According to a recent forum post, Overwatch is targeting some bad hombres, specifically players who create or join custom games with the intent of farming experience. Going forward, if players even think about joining a custom game with the intent of farming experience while away from keyboard, they may […]

Valve Updates Steam Reviews, Free Reviews Don’t Count

Valve has updated how Steam handles user reviews today in a way that will affect how paid/free reviews affect the game’s overall score. Starting today, the review score will no longer be affected by users that received the game for free, including free weekends and gifts. With the changes we are making now, the review […]

Neverwinter Dumps Windows XP And Old Video Cards

Neverwinter joins the growing list of games dropping support for older versions of Windows, as with today’s update the client will no longer support Windows XP and video cards that don’t meet a certain Direct3D benchmark. The update was announced back in December as an effort to improve game performance and optimize the player experience. […]

STiCLi Games on Twitter: “[People] Such As You Should Be Killed On Sight.”

In case you weren’t entirely convinced of STiCLi Games’ status as a toxic developer, another piece has come forward straight from the horse’s mouth. It doesn’t take much time to read through the entirety of STiCLi’s posting history, their account consists of 23 posts as of this publishing, but one message in particular caught our […]

Join Neverwinter Devs For State of the Game Q&A

Want to ask the Neverwinter developers about the state of the game going forward? You’ll have your chance on Tuesday March 7 at 2pm Pacific, as community managers Julia Fredrickson and Andy Wong are joined by lead designer Thomas Foss to discuss the latest expansion and future content development. Questions will be taken during the […]

Funcom Ends Major Updates For Anarchy Online/Age of Conan

In their latest quarterly report, Funcom has announced that there is no further significant work expected for both Anarchy Online and Age of Conan. Both games are presumably still profitable as they contributed a heavy portion of Funcom’s revenue this past quarter, however as far as development costs go it looks like the writing is […]

NEXON Invests In Tree of Savior Developer IMC Games

Nexon has announced that its subsidiary Nexon Korea has made a strategic investment in IMC Games, developer of the Tree of Savior MMO. Tree of Savior has been up and running in Korea since December 2015 and September 2016 in Japan, features fairytale-motif graphics, and a class development system for character customization. IMC Games is […]