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CCP Posts 2013 Financial Results

CCP has posted their 2013 financial results and the results are interesting, if not confusing. While the company posted an annual revenue of $76.7 million USD, net loss amounted to $21.3 million during the same period. 2013 saw multiple milestones reached, including the launch of PS3 shooter DUST 514 as well as Eve Online’s 10th […]

Perpetuum Dropping Subscription Fee

Perpetuum Online has announced that it will be dropping its subscription fee on April 2nd. Rather than asking for a subscription, Perpetuum will adopt a buy to play model with an in-game cash shop for cosmetics and services. The subscription model will be dropped in favor of a single purchase when players join the world […]

Wildstar Preorders Begin

Carbine Studios has officially announced that Wildstar will launch on June 3rd, 2014. For those wishing to get in on the action early, preorders for the game will begin on March 19th, with early buyers receiving access to closed and open beta periods, three days of early access, an exclusive rocket house, a mini-ship house […]

Player Housing Comes To The Old Republic

Bioware has revealed that housing is coming to The Old Republic. Not much has been revealed so far in terms of details, but the trailer below shows an apartment with a house droid, mailbox, and other effects laying around. Whether or not this has to do with Bioware’s announcement earlier this year of massive updates […]

City of Steam Hits Steam Today

Today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic. Following the launch of City of Steam: Arkadia last year on web browsers, through Kongregate, and via an available micro-client, Mechanist Games will be launching their MMO on Steam today at approximately noon EST. Arkadia was voted on to Steam through the powers invested in Greenlight, […]

Defiance Unveils Gunslinger Trials DLC

Trion Worlds revealed Defiance’s next DLC pack: Gunslinger Trials, and if you haven’t finished the campaign or season 1 and don’t want to see any spoilers, skip the next paragraph. Set for release in March on PC, PS3, and Xbox360, Gunslinger Trials will include three new mission lines, nine new cooperative arenas, and will also […]

Perfect World Arc Client Freebie: Khan Costume

Remember that Star Trek film where the guy shouts “Khan!” really loud? No I’m not talking about Into Darkness, I’m referring to the second film in the original series, The Wrath of Khan. Now you too can look like Khan, or at least dress the part. The Arc client is Perfect World’s central hub slash […]

Planetside 2 Will Feature Weekly Updates

Matt Higby from Sony Online Entertainment posted a thread on the Planetside 2 forums detailing that the company plans on expediting updates to better service the MMO shooter. Starting January 15th, Planetside 2 will enjoy weekly updates to address bugs, balancing, and more. There will still be large updates to the game, that will be […]

Defiance Reveals Endless Free Trial

Trion Worlds has announced that Defiance will be moving over to an endless free trial, allowing players to get in on the action for as long as they like without buying the full game. Instead of the previous 72 hour time limit, players will now be capped at 500 EGO points until they upgrade to […]

Star Citizen Calms Its Community

  Christopher Roberts, of the Roberts Space Industries brand, had some damage control to do this past weekend. Apparently a PS4 devkit was spotted on the desk of one of the developers and some members of the Star Citizen community, being of sound mind and invulnerable to over-the-top reactions, assumed that it could only mean […]