CCP Proposes Tradeable Skills, Community Not Enthused


CCP’s latest dev blog talks about coming improvements to the character bazaar, where players can buy and sell fully formed avatars in order to discourage less safe sales that would happen anyway on websites like Ebay. A majority of the updates concern the fact that the bazaar, while handy, is still too complicated for many players to confidently use, CCP has stirred the hornet’s nest with the announcement that players will be able to break their characters up into chunks and sell them piece by piece.

Effectively, you’ll be able to buy and sell individual skills without taking on the associated, and highly sought after, username xXx_420sm0k3W3eD_xXx.

By putting more control of your characters in your hands we hope to improve the game for everyone. Whether you’re an older player who would rather have ISK than those mining skills you don’t use any more, a clever new player looking to invest your fortune into your character, a Corp leader trying to move everyone into a new doctrine or someone like me who just realized that they would rather fly Armageddon’s than Stilettos, this feature has you covered. This all fits nicely to our overall game design philosophy of giving you control over your experience through cooperation and competition with each other.

The associated forum thread has broken two hundred pages, with CCP’s supporters pointing out that the function has essentially existed for years, albeit in the form of a full character rather than its individual stats.

(Source: Eve Online)

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