CCP Responds To Star Vault’s Terms of Service

As a small website operator, I’m always interested in seeing what kind of overwhelming response can be generated when someone far more popular than me links to my story. Last week, I brought up the rather humorous story of Mortal Online’s Terms of Service being stripped directly from Eve Online’s, down to the accidentally placed “Eve Online” (seen above). Massively ran with the story and, unlike myself, they are popular enough to get a joking response out of CCP:

We shot them (the company that makes it) this message.

Star Vault:

We here at CCP couldn’t help but notice that our expert wordsmithing, legal poetry and cunning turns of phrase have been emulated with sincerest flattery by your technical writing and/or legal staff. In fact, ardent fans of our EULA have surfaced, themselves noticing your homage to our work. See their assessment here:

EVE Online is a notoriously dangerous universe. So we have to caution you — in fact, we demand that you don’t follow our footsteps or use our copyrighted work. After all, internet spaceships are serious business, so probably best to keep our internet spaceship business out of your business language. Please stop using our legal agreements, and kindly remove our name from your website.

What are people going to copy next… our spreadsheets?!

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2 Responses to “CCP Responds To Star Vault’s Terms of Service”

  1. jhonson says:

    I never knew I could search like that it’s interesting and something might look into it.

  2. jhonson says:

    Gcginc said that the administration had earlier confirmed that investigators from Interior’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement, and the Coast Guard, would appear. gcginc said that We were informed today, one day prior to the hearing, that this had changed. It’s unacceptable for the Committee not to be able to hear from the actual investigators who conducted the investigation and wrote the report. if you can tell me, is asking for all of the witnesses, particularly Obama’s investigators, protecting polluters?
    Please note that gcginc is a foreign company. And that its well closure was approved by the Democratic administration. And that your smearing allegation of Republicans as polluters is not only wrong, but absurdly so.

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