CCP’s Latest Financial Report Shows Troubled Times


CCP Games has released their latest financial statement, and the results are a showcase on the company’s latest round of problems. Due to decreased revenue, CCP announced that they have shut down their San Francisco offices and laid off two key US executives: CFO Joe Gallo and CMO David Reid. The cancellation of World of Darkness, which we learned about earlier this year, reportedly brought about a substantial cost including the cost of terminating employees and writing off assets.

Revenue for the first half of 2014 amounted to $36.5 million, down slightly from $36.7 million last year, however EBITD (Earnings Before Interest, Tax, and Depreciation) was down to $4.5 million from $8.3 million last year.

(Source: Gamasutra)

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One Response to “CCP’s Latest Financial Report Shows Troubled Times”

  1. truthmonger says:

    This is what happens when you care more about getting drunk and pretending you’re a big shot than making games people actually want to play. I hope a much better company buys EVE and finally helps it achieve its full potential. In the short term all a new developer would have to do is make the game something other than a griefer’s playground. Later they could try to realize some of the many false promises and half-finished features that CCP is infamous for. Oh, and they could prohibit their employees from playing the game competitively..and cheating while doing so.