Cheat Makers Are Still Shady, Black Desert Online Botters Figure Out


Here at MMO Fallout, I’ve made several attempts to warn people of the dangers of downloading bot software and doing business with gold farmers in online games. Not only do you risk the safety of your accounts, but you also take a chance of having your computer compromised and your identity stolen. Gold farmers, it may surprise you, have a heavy hand in actual crime, and I’m not talking about selling gold to teenagers/adults who feel inadequate in their electronic wealth. I’m talking about people who deal in actual stolen credit cards and often steal from their own customers.

Such is the case, once again, as botters in Black Desert Online recently found out that a popular program was bugged with a keylogger. Users are logging into their accounts to find their characters wiped and items stolen. Hopefully this will serve as a lesson for players looking to get ahead through illegitimate means, but given past history it is only a matter of time before the next incident.

(Source: Reddit)

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