Ben Lesnick Addresses Recent Criticisms Of Star Citizen


Ben Lesnick (not Chris Roberts) of Cloud Imperium Games has posted a very long and detailed Q&A session on the official Star Citizen forums in an effort to improve communication and dispel recent criticism. The response is at least partially due to the wide coverage last week of a heavily critical piece posted by Derek Smart, in which the veteran developer stated that Star Citizen “as has been pitched, will never get made. Ever.”

The post is long and covers a wide array of topics including the delay of Star Marine, the first person shooter module, as well as allegations of wasted time/money, long delays on features, and lack of communication with the community.

“I will continue to push my folks to their limits to communicate with you and we will always try to improve… but if you’re someone who honestly believes development is behind an impassable wall, you’re incorrect. Between AtV, RtV, the monthly report, weekly Star Marine reports, Jump Point articles, Meet the Devs, Bug Smashers, 10 for… we’re putting an insane amount of content out there. And we’ll keep doing more, to the best of our abilities!”

If you have some time, head on over to the forums (link below) and give the Q&A a read.

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  1. Did you point at the correct thread? Because the thread you have linked has a long response from Ben Lesnick (which includes the quote you have inserted) but nothing at all directly from Chris Roberts.

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