City of Steam Sees Patch 1.2, Adds Races

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City of Steam has released patch 1.2, otherwise known as The Vault Unsealed. The update brings a massive amount of changes to the game, chief among which is the inclusion of two new elven races (Draug and Riven) and the raising of the level cap to 32. The new level cap is accompanied by a new wilderness area, a new PvP tournament event, and paragon mode, a higher difficulty version of dungeons. Players will also be subject to a large number of balance and stat changes to the game, and will find that they are no longer able to send items via mail. The folks at Mechanicst Games also removed some of the useless challenge rewards that I talked about in the review.

You can read the full patch notes here. As far as balancing goes, you’re going to have to figure those changes out for yourself.

(Source: City of Steam)

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