[Column] As Far As Greedmonger Goes, No.


Greed Monger is back! Yes, that Greed Monger. The one that was funded on a dream and a promise, by developers that had neither the funding nor experience in order to create said vision, only to crash and go under to the tune of $100 million in backer funds. The one by Jason Appleton who threatened to sue because people were saying mean things on the forum back in 2013. As far as MMO Fallout plays into this, I mostly refused to cover the game as a general rule once a developer starts throwing legal threats around.

So now the game is back up and running by James Proctor, and our official stance on it is: No. If Greed Monger runs another crowd funding campaign, we will not cover it. If anything, as I have said before, the previous incarnation of Greed Monger is likely to pop up again in our coverage should another crowdfunding campaign appear. If they post dev blogs to promise new features, we will not cover that either.

This isn’t an ultimatum. If the game can prove itself to be a real, functioning product, we may resume coverage. Yes, I realize that MMO Fallout isn’t a big website and isn’t as much of a move and shaker as the big websites are. I’m not writing this as a threat, but to be forward and honest with our readers.

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