[Column] Six Months Later, Mighty No. 9 Is Still An Unmitigated Disaster

Mighty No. 9 has been out since June 21st, long enough for the internet to blow up in anger and then mostly forget about the title at least until the ‘most disappointing games of 2016’ lists start coming out, to the tune of $4 million in wasted crowdfunding cash via Kickstarter, and while the fire has been mostly put out, the embers are still burning somewhere underground. It may seem hard to believe but after $3.9 million in funding, three delays, and six months post launch, Mighty No. 9 still hasn’t fully delivered.

And I am not talking about the game being disappointing. Individuals who pledged at higher levels in the original Kickstarter campaign were promised all sorts of goodies and many of them have still not been delivered. Take this post from Reddit:

Mighty No. 9 was finally released on June 21st, and almost 6 months later Comcept has not sent out any physical rewards other than t-shirts early in the year. Those who backed the game for the handheld versions have just been told by Engine Software (the company porting the game) that it is in development with no scheduled release date. Mighty No 9 twitter and kickstarter page has been silent since September 15th as well.

According to one poster, the list of items includes books, USB keys, sketches, physical copies, instruction books, art books, and possibly PAX rewards and 3D printed figures. At this point, the game still hasn’t come out on handhelds, meaning those who backed the game to get it on their 3DS and Vita have had six months of knowing just how disappointing the game is, coupled with no idea when it will actually be released.

Fans (or backers) have no idea when they are receiving the rewards they pledged for, and Comcept isn’t talking.

(Source: Reddit)

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