Community Concerns #3: The Revival

I'm legally required to remind you to game responsibly.

Today’s “Absolutely Brilliant!” comes from user Gnatbug on the forums. Gnatbug has a list of rules for how to go about buying an MMO, and although he may be a little too selective (#4), he hits right on the money.

Rule #1) Never Pre-Order unless you have played in the open beta of a game!

Rule#2) Never buy a lifetime subscription before you have played a game!

Rule#3) Always google the game to find out what others think, then make up you mind.

Rule#4) If Cryptic is developing…a game WAIT 5days before buying it …Just to make sure it has content!

Rule#5) HE WHO HAS GAS …Travels at the back of the line!

#5 couldn’t be more true.

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