[Community] Is Ragnarok Online 2 Pay To Win?


Does Ragnarok Online 2 have a pay to win system? I’ve asked around about this and the best answer I’ve been able to come up with is “in a sense, yes, but nothing drastic.” I ask this because Ragnarok features a VIP system, similar to that found in games like Age of Wushu, where players can pay in for some perks. Unlike those games, however, Ragnarok cuts straight to the point by offering straight stat perks: +5 to stats, +10% health, +10% sp, and +20% movement speed.

I ask because the opinion seems pretty split between people who are calling it pay to win, although virtually none of them are speaking from any actual experience playing the game, and people who are playing and stating that the bonuses are insignificant to the point where they don’t do much more than keep your character alive another millisecond before they die. So the conclusion I’m seeing on discussion boards is that the system is pay to win, in theory, but in practice isn’t going to break the barrier between lose and win.

Are there any Ragnarok Online 2 players who can clear this up for us?

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3 Responses to “[Community] Is Ragnarok Online 2 Pay To Win?”

  1. Old RO Player says:

    First and foremost, everything I’ll say below is ultimately irrelevant because the answer you seek is: eventually, yes, RO 2 will be pay to win (even if it isn’t right now).

    That said, if RO 2 is similar to the first game mechanics-wise, there are 2 possibilities for those stat perks breaking the game, 1 major and 1 minor: minor is if +5 stat reaches a bonus point not achievable by other means AND in turn breaks some attack skills. Major is 20% movement speed.

  2. Daria Drabchuk says:

    VIP acc doesn’t give vital bonuses, it is just for feeling that you are smth bigger than other players while everybody knows that not much bigger. The other problem is that you MUST threw your money for such things as stash slots, big bags, card alboms (cards are folling like rain in september and occupy slots just everywhere) and thx to some spiritual forces, all of those purchases are permanent.
    It just hurts inside and i desided to comment almost a half-year old post.

  3. Brock Origama says:

    The 20% movement speed is what makes it sound pay to win, to be honest. I can only imagine that bonus with a Sin/Rogue/Hunter(Bowmaster or whatever).