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I’ll be honest with you folks, I am poorly prepared this week. Those of you who follow me on Twitter will know that I’ve been snowed into my house with no internet since last Monday, I haven’t had the capability of doing anything other than a few news pieces on my barely passable Chromebook. So instead of trying to catch up on current happenings for this week’s Community article, I’d like to instead talk about the recently posted ethics policy here at MMO Fallout. I’d like to talk about why this website exists and why I got into this field, as well as answer a few questions that I seem to get pretty often.

So about myself. The concept for MMO Fallout was started out of my fascination with the idea of games shutting down. I found it amazing, the idea that the games that cost the most (box plus subscription) also had the caveat that they would eventually become unplayable should the developer whim it. While focusing on MMOs, I started MMO Fallout as something of my learning tool, a creative outlet to track how I’d progressed as a writer while going through college. In all honesty, I never expected this website to get off of the ground, coming from a website that had less than 10% of the current traffic.

The trust of my readers is what made MMO Fallout what it is today, and continues to be the driving force behind its expansion. I could never see myself throwing that trust away with shameless click bait, pandering, sensationalism, and outright lying.

So here are a few questions on ethics I’ve received over the past few weeks:

1. Have you ever accepted gifts from developers?

Yes, and I have immediately given them away through this website. To date, the only ones I can think of are the Line of Defense/Alganon comics and the SMITE god pack/gems. Anything I win through random giveaways on other websites, I enter as just a normal person using an email that (hopefully) can’t be traced back to MMO Fallout.

2. When you talk about products on Twitter, are they sponsored?

No. MMO Fallout doesn’t have any sponsors presently and never has. Whenever I talk about a product on Twitter, that’s just me sharing something that I enjoy as a consumer. If we ever are sponsored, it would be clearly disclosed, and only for something that I personally believe in.

3. Do you have a personal Twitter?

No, and if it wasn’t for MMO Fallout I wouldn’t have a Twitter account at all.

4. Are there any conflicts of interest that we should know about?

I used to be a GM for the MMO Xsyon. This does not affect my coverage of the game.

5. Do you receive advance copies of games?

I haven’t to date.

6. Has MMO Fallout ever run a sponsored article?

No, but I have had a lot of inquiries from online casinos.

7. How much does MMO Fallout make from advertising?

I don’t make enough in a week to buy a 25 cent gumball.


If you have any other questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below.

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