[Community] RuneScape: Observations From A Noob

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RuneScape has become too friendly to new players over the years, at least that is what many longtime players will tell you. But is there truth to that statement? Muggiwhplar over at Tip.It says no, and argues that the introduction of Evolution of Combat (RuneScape’s combat overhaul) has made the game less friendly to free players.

So I did some research and, surprisingly, there were no guides anywhere written with low level combat training in mind. All of it was obsolete from pre-EOC. So if you’re a new player, you’re on your own to figure out how to train. This, again, wouldn’t be such a big deal if training in EOC wasn’t so niched. If you’re fighting monsters below your tier, your XP rates will be abysmal. If you’re fighting monsters above your tier, you won’t make a dent in them and they’ll destroy you. Additionally, every training spot is multicombat, so if the monsters are aggressive, you’re screwed.

You can read the entire post, as well as the following discussion, at the link below. How do you feel about RuneScape? Has the expanding list of skills and introduction of more complicated combat made the game less friendly toward new players?

(Source: Tip.It)

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