[Community] The Move That Saved The Old Republic


Massively has a great article covering James Ohlen’s comments at GDC about how free to play saved The Old Republic.

When free-to-play launched in November, it “blew all expectations out of the water,” said Ohlen. Subscriptions started going up again. Concurrent players on the servers went way up. Both of those statistics continue to rise. As Ohlen put it, TOR is the second biggest subscription MMORPG in the western world, it has had two million new accounts since the F2P launch, thousands of new players try out the game everyday, and TOR is one of the largest microtransaction money-makers for publisher EA.

I’m interested in finding out what EA’s largest microtransaction money-maker is, assuming The Old Republic being “just one of the largest” doesn’t put it at #1.

(Source: Massively)

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