Dark Eclipse Launches On PS4: First VR Moba Game

Dark Eclipse, the first PS VR MOBA title, launches today in North America and Europe from SUNSOFT as a free download on the Playstation store. Developer is looking to shake up the genre by pitting two players against one another in head-to-head matches, each player controlling a team of three leaders, each with unique skills and abilities, along with the power to recruit soldiers who level up during the match. The ultimate goal, as usual with the genre, is to conquer your enemy’s base.

“We created DARK ECLIPSE to capture the MOBA genre’s competitive magic, while restructuring many of its core elements to take advantage of VR’s unique capabilities,” said Shohei Sakakibara, Producer and Project Leader at SUNSOFT. “We’re dedicated to fostering an active community and making DARK ECLIPSE VR’s first competitive gaming phenomenon with a legitimate esports fanbase.”

Leaders can be purchased with in-game currency or through the Playstation Store starter packs. The base game is available for free on the Playstation Store.

(Source: SUNSOFT press release)

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